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Announcing EcommDay 2016: The Virtual E-commerce Conference for Online Marketers [May 12th]

Meet the world's top e-commerce experts, join the International E-commerce Conference on May 12th!

EcommDay 2016

This is a sponsored post written by Marketizator. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. 

If you’re an online marketer, e-commerce owner or conversion rate optimization expert, these are definitely some exciting times.

The industry’s changing every day, from the tools we use to the strategies that work, and while some might see chaos, the world of online marketing today is filled with opportunities.

We talked to some of the best people in the industry, experts in online marketing and ecommerce,  and asked them to share their best knowledge in front of a live audience.


International E-commerce Day 2016

The International E-commerce Conference is a one day event where you’ll get the chance to interact with the world’s top eCommerce business owners, marketing managers and conversion rate optimization experts.

As online retail gets ever more competitive, e-commerce companies need a way to stay on top of the latest technologies, tactics and channels. This event aims at bringing you up to date with the latest in e-commerce marketing and give you an edge over your competition.

Read the full description here.


Creating Your Online Store

In the creation phase, many questions appear. Uncertainty is your biggest enemy, but it can become your best friend. Learn how to create your brand’s pillars and how choose the mission and vision of your startup. Also, get advice on how to choose the best business model and platform.

Attracting Traffic to Your Website

When you get swamped with so many opportunities from the market, chances that you lose your focus are high. The sessions dedicated to traffic generation will help you choose the right balance between PR, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and other traffic generation tactics.

Sales Growth and Conversion Optimization

When the first customers start to come in, you want to keep them coming month after month. To make sure that you don’t spend all your money on advertising, register for the sessions about conversion optimization and growing your sales in a smart way.

Building Relations and Staying Profitable

To remain competitive on the market, you need to ensure that people come back to purchase from your website and also recommend your business to others. Learn how personalization and retention can get you out of trouble when the risk of getting burned occurs.

It’s completely free to attend, and you can reserve your spot just by tweeting. Visit this page to register now, there’s only so many days left!


  • Chris Goward, CEO at WiderFunnel
  • Dave Chaffey, CEO at Smart Insights
  • Sujan Patel, Co-founder at ContentMarketer.io
  • Viljo Vabrit, Managing Director at ConversionXL
  • Grzegorz Blazewicz CEO & Founder at SALESmanago
  • Ed Fry, General Manager at Inbound.org
  • Kevin Chunge,Commerce Strategic Alliances at FedEx Services
  • Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences
  • Talia Wolf,CEO at Conversioner
  • Meg Lister,Sr. Specialist, Website Optimization at Wordstream
  • Anthony Baksys, CEO & Co-founder at Search Node
  • Rich Page, Founder at Rich Page Website Optimizer
  • Keith Hagen, Director of Conversion Optimization Services at Inflow
  • Kunle Campbell, Advisor & Ecommerce Growth Consultant at 2X eCommerce
  • Pamela Hazelton, Ecommerce and business consultant at ConversionXL

Save the May 12th on your calendar and we look forward to seeing you there!



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Featured Image: Image by Marketizator. Used with permission. 


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Announcing EcommDay 2016: The Virtual E-commerce Conference for Online Marketers [May 12th]

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