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Announcing- BlueGlass FL 2010 Conference Contest!

Hello everyone! It’s that time again! As you all may know, the BlueGlass FL conference, November 2nd and 3rd, is fast approaching. The agenda is set, we’ll be at the Seminole Hard Rock (I know! Life is so tough, what with being able to hear amazing speakers and gamble all in one place) the speakers are ready to rock, and we can’t wait to network our faces off at the after parties and chat with everyone.

Since some may not have been able to get their tickets yet, we’ve decided to hold a “team jeopardy” contest to give away some free stuff- so don’t fret!

What can you win through this contest?

Well, the grand prize winner will get:

  • 1 pass to attend the conference as our VIP guest for FREE
  • 1 roundtrip air ticket from anywhere in the continental US
  • 3 nights at the Hard Rock & Hotel (to be announced)
  • 1 hour pass for a consultation with all BlueGlass partners on any digital media/internet marketing/SEO related issues, questions or ideas.

The three (3) runner ups (teammates) will receive one (1) free pass EACH to attend the conference (airfare/hotel not included)

So what’s a team gotta do to win? Here it is:

Part 1: Form your teams. STARTING NOW!

  • If you want to be a team leader (and eligible for the the grand prize VIP package) use the hash tag #BGFLQuiz and find/nominate 3 teammates that are industry savvy. They’ll be helping you answer the questions.
  • Create your team and keep it short for your own good! You’ll be using it as a hash tag.
  • The teams will then need to encourage their followers to retweet their #teamname and #BGFLQuiz. The 4 teams with the most retweets will be able to participate in part 2! So make sure you leverage your followers.. and offer them lots of bacon and treats to encourage them to retweet 🙂

Team retweet portion ends Wednesday (tomorrow)  1 PM EST. We’ll be stalking the retweets until then.

PART II: The Jeopardy Quiz (Starts Wednesday (tomorrow) 3 PM EST

Each team will have access to our fun little quiz filled with hi-jinx and industry/BlueGlass related questions. First team to get everything correct wins the contest- and the prizes!

What are the rules?

  • Participants must ONLY communicate on Twitter. This isn’t cash cab and you don’t get phone calls… 🙂
  • All related tweets must contain the #BGFLQuiz and #teamname. Tweets that do not contain this will not be counted.
  • Participants may tweet questions out to their followers requesting for help and endorsement. Helpers may deliver answers via DM for secrecy.

If you have any questions about this contest, please tweet them to @blueglassinc and we’ll be sure to answer!

Good luck, and we hope to see you at BlueGlass FL 2010!

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Announcing- BlueGlass FL 2010 Conference Contest!

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