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Animated Google AdSense Testing on Search Engine Blog

Animated Google AdSense Testing on Search Engine Blog

As part of my morning coffee ritual I sift through some of my favorite blogs to look into stories which have run over the course of the evening (I’m in Asia right now so my late morning is the US midnight). After clicking over to Barry Schwartz’s Search Engine Roundtable blog, where Barry is apparently running some Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network tests, I noticed a form of AdSense I’ve yet to see.

Sure, JenSense had pointed out some Halloween themed AdSense ads last month, and there have been confirmations of Google testing different images in select AdSense, but this is the first time I’ve seen an animated Google AdSense text ad, as fugly as they may be. Sure, Google is running image ads via AdSense, and some of those images are animated, but this is a first for me to see animated text ads served by Google.

The Google AdSense ads (captured below) seem to be in the color theme of Barry’s site (a bit off the mark though) and have an animated arrow which moves through the ads from left to right, taking advantage of the readers’ natural habit to follow the content on the page.

As you can see in the first ad, the link for is too long to fit into the AdSense ad, and it runs into the second Google Ad. Hmm, if this were a magazine buy Seo Elite would have no problem requesting a “make good” for such shoddy template work by the publisher (Google in this example), as one ad bleeds into the other. Could you imagine how upset Acura would be if 20% of a Lexus ad overlapped its magazine buy?

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Animated Google AdSense Testing on Search Engine Blog

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