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Andy Beal Resigns from WebSourced

Andy Beal Resigns from WebSourced

Andy Beal Resigns from WebSourced

Andy Beal has parted ways with WebSourced over differences posts Danny Sullivan on the Search Engine Watch blog. According to Danny’s post, “Andy Beal of Search Engine Lowdown has announced he’s left his day job — vice president of search marketing for WebSourced — due to philosophical differences over the direction of WebSourced.”

Apparently Andy had posted his reasons for the farewell on his Search Engine Lowdown blog, however as of press time that post is currently not running. I did happen to find it indexed in Google News and here is the first passage “The five years that I have spent, helping the company grow from a start-up to the world’s largest search marketing company, have been some of the most satisfying of my career.” Although the initial post is not available, the comments on the blog post are hosted on Haloscan and still live. Kim Krause Berg, Jason Dowdell, and Barry Schwartz have all wished the best for Andy.

Besides being the former VP of Search Marketing for the largest search marketing firm in the world (according to WebSourced/Think Partnership), Andy is a highly respected voice of reason and expertise in the search industry – along with an interesting accent. Such a departure would probably not make this news site, but I feel the desire to also wish Andy well on his future endevours as he is an appreciated member of the search community. Expect a large Beal-esque announcement in the near future.

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