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Andy Beal is Back with Andy Beal RAW

Andy Beal is Back with Andy Beal RAW

Andy Beal, one of the most respected and downright coolest hounddogs in the search engine world, has come out from hiding (prolonged vacation) and is now blogging again. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Beal, Andy was the VP of Marketing for WebSourced, which later rebranded to Think Partnership. At WebSourced, Andy ran KeywordRanking and also led the WebSourced acquisition trail.

Andy, an accomplished businessman, speaker, and writer – parted ways with WebSourced / Think in July of this year, citing differences with the new direction. In his “next to last” post to Search Engine Lowdown Andy said “The five years that I have spent, helping the company grow from a start-up to the world’s largest search marketing company, have been some of the most satisfying of my career.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Beal is back. ANDY BEAL RAW, Andy’s new ‘personal’ search oriented blog, is up and running at In one of his first posts since updating the blog, Andy admits he couldn’t stay away from the blogging world; “My name is Andy Beal and I’m a blogaholic. I’m getting antsy to get back into the world of blogging (ironic I know, as this is a blog post – but you know what I mean). I’m ready to go, I’m just waiting to finalize my next career step first. Once I have that done, I’ll have a better idea of the theme of my new blog.” Good to see you’re back Andy.

Andy also started the Search Engine Lowdown blog which seemed to be a personal project at first for keeping up with search oriented news, then became a marketing vehicle and business model for Think Partnership. I can honestly say that Andy Beal’s Search Engine Lowdown was an inspiration to continue to work on the Search Engine Journal past that dreadful first year of establishing a blog/news site and build it to what it is today. When Andy left Think/WebSourced, he could not take his blog with him. However, Search Engine Lowdown is now aptly manned by Garrett French (formerly of Web Pro News) and his keen investigative eye and sharp “smart-ass” wit.

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Andy Beal is Back with Andy Beal RAW

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