Android’s Terrible, Horribly, Very Bad Text Bug

SMS Text

New age technology, with all its “instant sending” features, is filled to brimming with horror stories about miss-sent emails, pictures, and Facebook comments. Having a message wind up in the wrong place can easily toy with your reputation, hurt your career, or even destroy your marriage if you’re not careful, at least if the stories are to be believed. Now, thanks to an Android glitch, the next story in this genre may be yours.

A post over at Engadget confirms for us that a glitch found on Google Android’s default text messaging program is still at large. This glitch comes in several different forms and flavors, but there was a resurgence of complaints due to the error now associated with the Nexus S phone.

In detail, that error causes your text message to be routed to the wrong person — even, we’re told, to contacts who you’ve never sent a text to before. It happens when you’re trying to click on the message thread in the text message screen, and even sometimes when you go directly to a new text message from your notifications. At times, you’ll be able to catch the error prior to sending the message, because the OS will have just taken you to the wrong thread. Other times, however, it displays the correct thread — but routes to another recipient anyway.

Similar errors are present but less pronounced (and frightening) with other “go to” features. The incorrect contact is sometimes pulled up from widgets and shortcuts (I’ve accidentally called an ex-girlfriend on two occasions now) and the wrong data is sometimes pulled.

What’s really surprising for most of the community is that this error was first reported several months ago, and despite a new OS iteration and a huge push in the Google Help community, it hasn’t been resolved.

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