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Leaks of Details on Upcoming Android Tablets

Dell, Archos, Eken, Samsung, Viewsonic, and a heaping scoop-full of others have produced some impressive (and, let’s be honest, not so impressive) Android powered tablets. However, we have plenty more coming up, including notable releases from both Motorola and Acer. Both companies have been very strict about keeping products under wraps, refusing to release their gadgetry to review sites. However, it seems that neither company can keep a secret.

Engadget gives us the goods on both products, thanks to leaks of details on the “totally secret” tablets.

First, we have Motorola. This tablet was “leaked” by Google’s own Andy Rubin who showed it off on stage at Dive Into Mobile. As people examined the imagery and pushed in for further details, a few key details were noticed (or guessed at). First, and one of the originally confirmed features, was that this system would be running off OS 3.0 Honeycomb. Second, this thing is coming to Verizon. And third, it’s a gyroscope enabled system with dual-cameras, a high resolution screen, and a dual-core processor.

Far more interesting to enthusiasts, however, is the set of videos released showcasing the Acer tablet. It seems these videos were originally designed for internal testing and demonstration at Acer, but were then leaked to the public. This trio of short videos (adding up to less than five minutes of total length) show off a lot of interesting features.

One of the most intriguing things is the demonstration of the gyroscope features, and the ability to do things like page turning and image zooming with it. Some custom applications from Acer are also displayed. Disappointingly, the system doesn’t give us a glimpse of Honeycomb, as it seems to still be running off of a modified version of Froyo. Guess we’ll have to wait for CES for a real look at Google’s tablet-focused OS!

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Leaks of Details on Upcoming Android Tablets

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