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Android Market’s Seuss Stories Show Off Mobile eReader Possibilities

Android Market’s Seuss Stories Show Off Mobile eReader Possibilities

The new version of the Kindle has sold very well this holiday season, largely thanks to a significant drop in cost and improved product features. However, some question whether dedicated eReaders will continue to hold a place on the market, as both tablet and mobile platforms are improving in eReader capabilities.

In addition to releasing an impressive library at their Google eBookstore, Google has released a simple eReader application that lets users find, download, and read books on their Android device. This application is also compatible with both the iPhone and iPad, and all of these devices are growing in popularity as eReaders.

Beyond simply having a core reader available, Android is seeing apps that highlight some additional eReader possibilities. As reported by Mashable, a duo of Dr. Seuss stories have come to Google’s Android Market, and come equipped with some impressive features for young readers.

The two stories (How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat) can be read in any one of three ways (an autoplay that works like a movie, a “read to me” mode that narrates the story, and a “read it myself” mode that makes the app work like the traditional books). All of these options work well for young readers; the professionally narrated “read to me” option highlights the words being spoken, and the “read it myself” mode allows users to click on words they don’t know to get a little assistance.

These stories show the full illustrations from the classic stories, but you can make the media experience perfect for your child by adding custom audio and special effects.

While this app is pushing for visibility on the Android market, it is “universally compatible,” and also functions on the iPod, iPad, and Galaxy Tab. With feature-rich stories like these, it seems that mobile devices may overtake dedicated eReaders.

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Android Market’s Seuss Stories Show Off Mobile eReader Possibilities

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