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3 Tools to Analyze the Sentiment of Your Brand Social Mentions

Sentiment analysis is something very new and immature. Sentiment analysis allows you to identify general attitudes towards your brand (or a product).

The goal of sentiment analysis is to assign a given social media comment with a degree of association to three basic categories: positive, negative or neutral.

1. Social Mention

Social mention is always my first choice when it comes to the sentiment analysis. It allows to search in multiple categories including:

  • Blogs;
  • Q&A sites;
  • Twitter;
  • Social bookmarking sites;
  • Images;
  • News, etc.

Socialmention’s sentiment is “the ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.” They use textual analysis, emoticons, symbols to analyze the sentiment.

While many people call it flawed, SocialMention’s sentiment analysis is as good as you are currently able to get from a machine.

Socialmention’s sentiment ratio:

Socialmention sentiment ratio

Socialmention’s sentiment distribution:

Sentiment analysis -

2. AlertRank Sentiment Analysis

AlertRank, a tool I reviewed just a few days ago, is a web based utility that adds some really great features to Google Alerts.

It allows you to configure the sentiment manually by clicking an icon next to each Google Alerts result:

Sentiment analysis: AlertRank

After that the average sentiment is visualized via a nicely-looking graph:

Sentiment analysis: Alert Rank

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

With Twitter real-time search, sentiment analysis has become a particularly hot topic. Here are 4 free, registration-free services that can help you analyze Twitter sentiment of your brand:

How sentiment is analyzed Limitations Tracking Visualization
Twitter Search 🙂 and 🙁 icons used in a Tweet none RSS feed of search results None
Twitter Sentiment Twitter sentiment classification (~80% accuracy) Only one page of results is analyzed Saved searches (you’ll be able to access your search online) Graph
Twitrratr Analyzes the search term against a list of positive and negative keywords No history None Color-based visualization (words that defined the sentiment are also highlighted)
Twendz combination of keywords and symbols + cross-reference against a list of positive and negative keywords 70 recent Tweets None Yes

(Also see screenshots of each tool below)

Twitter Search:

Sentiment Analysis: Twitter Search

Twitter Sentiment:

Twitter sentiment


Twitrratr: sentiment analysis


Twendz: Twitter sentiment

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3 Tools to Analyze the Sentiment of Your Brand Social Mentions

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