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An Alternative “Related Posts” WordPress Plugin – Where Did They Go From Here

I have once looked at the three ways to display related posts in WordPress. I have also described that will help your site performance by leveraging your old content and increasing:

  • Click-through;
  • Crawl depth;
  • Possibly, rankings.

Today I am sharing another WordPress plugin that may be used for that:Where did they go from there“.

In essence, while the three plugins I listed in my previous post are based on thematic relevance, this one relies on “behavioral” relevance:

When a visitor views a blog post, the plugin checks to see if the referrer is another blog post on your site. If this is the case, then the referring post is updated with a reference to this post. And, the process continues as the visitor moves through the blog.

So after some time of this plugin being installed, each of your posts will have a list of blog posts that people tend to click to after reading the current one.

Where did they go from here

From the tool settings you are able to:

  • Set the number of posts to display;
  • Add the list to posts or any other page types;
  • Add the list of posts to the blog feed;
  • Display list of posts in Edit Posts / Pages;
  • Give credit to the creator;
  • Set the heading for the list of posts;
  • Exclude pages from the list;
  • Show post excerpt in the list;
  • Customize the output look;
  • Add each post thumbnail;

Where did the go from here  - options

After using this plugin for a few days I found it is really great for:

  • Giving your readers an alternative option to go further to (along with thematically related posts);
  • Analyzing your readers behavior;
  • Analyzing your internal linking strategy (which links seem the most attention grabbing).

It doesn’t seem to affect the site speed dramatically either, so you may give it a go!

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An Alternative “Related Posts” WordPress Plugin – Where Did They Go From Here

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