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AMP Reaches Major Milestones Since Launching One Year Ago

AMP Reaches Major Milestones Since Launching One Year Ago

With over 600 million accelerated mobile pages (AMP) spread across 700 thousand unique domains, the AMP project is well on the way towards achieving its goal of uniting people around a common cause.

That’s no small feat, since it requires the cooperation of millions of site owners dedicated to speeding up the mobile web. The Accelerated Mobile Pages project has made strides in that regard, with some of the web’s top publishers going AMP-friendly.

Some of these sites include:

  • WordPress: Tens of millions of websites are now AMP-friendly.
  • Reddit: Tens of millions of pages utilize AMP technology.
  • Bing: Bing’s app for iOS and Android supports AMP.
  • Ebay: 15 million product category pages are now AMP-friendly.
  • Pinterest: Leveraging AMP for Pins.
  • Google: Launched AMP in Search web results.
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What does the success of AMP mean for real searchers? Moreover, what are site owners getting out of it?

Gizmodo is gaining new traffic thanks to AMP, with 80% of the site’s AMP traffic coming from new visitors. Wired has seen a 25% increase in click through rates from search results, CTRs from ads on AMP pages have gone up 63%. Slate has seen a 44% increase in monthly unique visitors since going AMP-friendly.

Those are just a few of the statistics included in the year-in-review from Google’s AMP Project lead, David Besbris. More information can be found in the page linked to above.

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