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AMP Pages From Google Search Now Load Even Faster

Google announced AMP pages now load twice as fast from Google Search. The company has managed to cut down the time it takes to render content in half from just a year ago.

Google attributes the speed gains to changes such as server-side rendering, and reducing the bandwidth usage from images by 50% without reducing quality. Google is also utilizing a compression algorithm called Brotli to reduce the size of documents by a further 10% in certain browsers.

Google took the opportunity during its announcement to highlight some AMP milestones. There are now over 2 billion AMP sites on the web across 900,000 domains.

A whopping 340 million of those pages comes from Tumblr, which shared the news that it has that many AMP’d blog posts published across 500,000 domains.

Twitter also shared news that it would be expanding support for AMP pages to its Android and iOS app. Currently, AMP URLs can only be shared on Twitter via its mobile web client.

There may be an influx of AMP pages in the near future as the AMP network expands to more e-commerce sites. Google is also developing new AMP ads which may attract new publishers, because previously the monetization options for AMP pages was very limited.

Whether it’s the expanded support for e-commerce or not, but eBay shared news it would be extending its support for AMP throughout millions more of its pages. The e-commerce giant has already touted published over 15 million AMP pages, now it will be AMP’ing up all its product pages as well as name brand and interest pages.

AMP has momentum, and with the continued support of major publishers it’s showing no signs of slowing down. More AMP news may be on the way next week as the company unveils its AMP Project roadmap for the next quarter. We’ll make sure to report on anything of note.

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AMP Pages From Google Search Now Load Even Faster

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