Amazon Rakes in the Money With Free Shipping [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Amazon Rakes in the Money With Free Shipping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shipping charges are a huge part of my decision process when buying online. The infographic below reminds me of me :-). I leave a lot of items in carts because shipping charges are high and I can’t find a promo code to offset it.

Before I was an Amazon Prime member many of my Amazon buying choices were based on the items that were eligible for free shipping if I spent $25. If I didn’t spend $25 I would find a way to do so and therefore spent more! Obviously the infographic shows I am not the only one. Now I look at all websites for items I want, but I always compare them with Amazon and if Amazon has the item I need I get free 2 day shipping. Who do you think gets my money?

I think many online businesses and well known brands could learn from Amazon. The data in the infographic below is clear. Free shipping works.

The Power of Free Shipping Infographic was made by Clarus Marketing Group.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • GPS For Golf

    2.4 billion in shipping costs is not so bad on 44 billion in sales. Looks like this is a winning strategy.

  • Recepti za kolace

    I bet they will go over 60 billion this year, especially after releasing new kindle fire! 😀

  • Antti

    Why hasn’t anyone copied this idea?

  • LaurenCMG

    Overall, it is a fantastic model and does Amazon well. While there are some retailers who have implement similar programs, the main reason more companies/retailers don’t copy this model is because subscription based products can be difficult to manage. You need to take into account everything that goes into it like billing, customer service, product development, any sort of rebate processing you might have, etc. In addition, building a subscription based product means you need to take your eye off your core business for the time being, which many businesses can’t afford to do.