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Amazon oneTag – Using it to Earn More Affiliate Revenue?

Some time ago Amazon released a JavaScript called oneTag. It helps affiliates see granular sales data and monetize international traffic. This isn’t a new program. But if you haven’t heard of it, you may profit from learning more about oneTag.

Amazon oneTag helps affiliate publishers gain insights into how their content performs at the page level by matching products sold to the pages the clicks originated on. It also helps monetize international traffic automatically.  The goal is to help Amazon affiliates earn more money.

What is Amazon oneTag and oneClick

It’s a little confusing because Amazon’s FAQ page seemingly uses oneTag and oneClick interchangeably. The oneTag is the JavaScript file. oneClick is a feature of oneTag that allows you to automatically monetize international traffic.

Affiliate Sales Performance by Page

Content performance shows affiliates which pages are monetizing well. This information informs affiliate publishers which topics are “resonating” with site visitors. Presently one can view which items are selling and extrapolate which pages are performing well from that information. Amazon’s oneTag tells you exactly which products are selling from which pages.

This makes it easy to connect sales to pages. With this information you can then understand what kind of content leads to sales.

How to view the Amazon oneTag/oneClick report:

  1. Log in to the Affiliates console
  2. Navigate to the Content Insights tab.
  3. Select Content Performance

From there you select a time period and a website to review. Reports are downloadable to spreadsheets.

Page Level Amazon Affiliate Data

The report shows aggregated metrics such as clicks, ordered items, revenue and earnings. All of this data is presented at the page level.

oneTag Collects Personal Data

oneTag collects personal data so you may have to add a special notation about this in your privacy page. The data such as IP address is collected for fraud detection as well as to assess traffic quality. For all other purposes the IP address is partially hidden to protect user privacy.

Apart from that they use cookies that have been stripped of personally identifiable information for all the usual tracking and fraud detection reasons.

Monetize International Traffic with Amazon

An interesting aspect of the new oneTag is the ability to redirect international traffic to relevant local Amazon pages. This feature is called oneLink. This feature creates a better user experience for site visitors and an improved ability to monetize international traffic.

Amazon affiliate publishers can monetize international traffic automatically simply by adding the oneTag JavaScript code.

The oneLink feature currently works for traffic originating in the UK, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

How Amazon oneClick Works

Amazon allows affiliates to choose from what they call a close match or an exact match of the product that is being clicked through to. It appears that the close match selections redirects visitors to a greater selection of products, especially if an exact match of the advertised product is unavailable in a particular country.

This is a win-win for Amazon affiliates. Are you using it yet?

Learn more about Amazon oneTag here.

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Amazon oneTag – Using it to Earn More Affiliate Revenue?

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