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Amazon Entering Music Download Market?

Amazon Entering Music Download Market?

Music industry executives have claimed that the one of the world’s most successful e-commerce portal is now considering making an entry into the music and video download business. The online portal is already a global leader in the sales of books, CDs and other products over the Internet. They are reportedly talking with major record labels about licensing and pricing issues for the service.

The talks are currently in preliminary stages and a possible launch is still long time away as per the market sources. Nothing is official as all the sources reported on the condition of remaining anonymous. Amazon if it enters this market would be selling individual tracks as well as complete albums similar to the way other competing services operate.

Apple started the revolution and continues to dominate the global online music sales market with more than 1 million songs sold everyday. They are also said to be considering selling music videos and other videos on their iTunes digital store. Amazon on their part are said to be considering using the New York-based music service MusicNet to power the subscription component of its service.

Market analysts believe that the entry of Amazon in this market is surely going to affect the other players existing in the market. Reason being the huge user base Amazon already has for their other services. However, none of the concerned parties declined to make an official statement on the topic.

Sushubh Mittal is a Technical Columnist for the Search Engine Journal and also runs TechWhack

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Amazon Entering Music Download Market?

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