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All in One SEO Pack and Headspace2 WP Plugins: Head-to-Head Comparison

All in One SEO Pack and Headspace2 WP Plugins: Head-to-Head Comparison

Two most popular and widely discussed SEO plugins for WordPress are All in One SEO Pack and Headspace2.

Both are smart, free and usable.

For my own blogs I may use either; I haven’t really thought much how different they are. However many of my clients and friends often ask which one I recommend and why.

There’s no article I was able to find which would clearly outline the difference between the two plugins, so I decided to create one listing almost all features of either of them and comparing them head-to-head:

Area to edit HeadSpace2All in one SEO pack *
Global Settings (applied to everything unless otherwise specified)YesNo
Home pageYesYes
Posts and pagesYesYes
Author pagesYesNo
Search pagesYesYes
404 pagesYesYes
Tag pagesYesYes
Paged formatYesYes
Unique title tags (categories and tags)YesNo
Use noindex for Categories / Use noindex for Archives /


Use noindex for Tag Archives:

Auto-generate Descriptions:NoYes
Capitalize titlesNoYes

(* I am reviewing the free/basic version of All In One SEO Pack here)

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Special tags / Macros

The range of macros and their types define the ability to customize (and vary) the system of meta tags and titles:

ExplanationHeadSpace2All in one SEO pack
Replaced with the date of the post/page%%date%%%date%
Replaced with the title of the post/page%%title%%%post_title% / %page_title% / %blog_title% / %category_title% /
Replaced with the post/page excerpt%%excerpt%%
Replaced with the post categories (comma separated)%%category%%
Replaced with the post (main) category%category_title% / %category%
Replaced with the category description%%category_description%%%category_description%
Replaced with the post/page modified time%%modified%%
Replaced with the post/page ID%%id%%
Replaced with the post/page author’s ‘nicename’%%name%%%post_author_nicename%
Replaced with the post/page author’s first and last names

%post_author_firstname%/ %post_author_lastname%

Replaced with the post/page author’s ‘nicename’%%name%%%post_author_nicename%
Replaced with the post/page author’s userid%%userid%%
Replaced with the current search phrase%%searchphrase%%%request_words% / %search%
Replaced with the current time%%currenttime%%
Replaced with the current date%%currentdate%%%date%
Replaced with the current page number (i.e. page 2 of 4)%%page%%%page%

(Again, only free features of All in One SEO Pack are taken into account)


FeatureHeadSpace2All in one SEO pack
Ease of modification for a non-tech userTakes some timeEasy and quick
CustomizationHighly customizable and flexibleQuite limited
CompatibilityConflict problems with other pluginsCompatible with most WP plugins

Now, your time to speak up: which one do you use and why?

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