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Alexaholic : Alexa on Guarana!

Alexaholic : Alexa on Guarana!

Ok, I would say Alexa on steroids, on crack or Alexa on hGH; but I don’t want to fall in the old “wow, it’s insane and on cliche of the day” – so, I’ll stick with the politically and physically correct herbal stimulant of the time being, the extract of the Brazilian Guarana plant seed (next week I may have to change the title to Alexa on Acai!, which is much more poetic and relevant to the future of Amazonian stimulants becoming more and more popular in the US). Now, let’s get back on course and to the point. Alexaholic is a jacked up version of Alexa with Ajax enhanced charts tracking Alexa popularity trends over more time variables than Alexa usually offers on their own site.

Essentially, Alexaholic is an updated version of Alexa which never happened, it is the Google Finance of search trend tracking and ranking standards. Alexaholic includes embeddable chartlets for blogs and a fast and friendly tool for comparing and contrasting up to five domains using Alexa Reach, Ranking and Pageviews information.

And sure, Alexa’s data and its reliability can be argued, but as long as there is no competing alternative to Alexa’s Traffic Ranking service, it’s an old school industry standard still worthy of standing next to Google PageRank, Yahoo Backlinks, or Technorati Ranking when it comes to site usage and traffic measurability.

Still not convinced? Here are the Five Reasons to Like Alexa Traffic Data as provided by Alexaholic:

1. Alexa is currently the only free and public source of comparative Web user traffic data.
2. Newbies with the Alexa Toolbar are not the only source of data. Firefox users with Craig Raw’s cool SearchStatus extension should note that their browsing behavior is similarly being phoned-home to Alexa.
3. Statistical significance is attainable with only a small subset of the population – ask a pollster or a high school math teacher.
4. The key is “comparative” traffic data. If you want to know exactly how many page views and visitors your site is getting, get a good webserver log analysis tool. But if you want to compare your site’s traffic to your competitors’ sites, Alexa is your friend.
5. Did we mention that Alexa is the only game in town for comparative traffic data? ‘Nuff said. Now go get your Alexaholic fix on.

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Alexaholic : Alexa on Guarana!

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