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Alexa Adds New Traffic Features

Alexa has added some new enhancements to its Traffic Details information pages which offer geographic and audience reach information. Sites can now track their Traffic Rank per country and where their audiences are coming from around the globe.

From the Alexa Blog:

Where are users coming from Geographically?

This one is a biggie. We are now reporting where a site’s users are from, geographically speaking. So for example, you could see that 73.6% of’s users come from Brazil. Or that 33.9% of’s users come from the United States.

What is a site’s traffic rank in other countries?

We are also reporting what a site’s ranking is in different countries. This can be pretty enlightening. You would see, for example, that is ranked as the 3rd most popular site on the web in Portugal, Peru, El Salvador, and 5 other countries… Who knew?

In addition to geographical info, Alexa has also added Reach Percentages. Instead of using a Reach per Million metric, Reach is now defined by Alexa as a percentage.

Some interesting stats for Search Engine Journal are coming from Alexa now.

For example, Search Engine Journal’s Traffic Rank for the United States is 1,385 (our normal or global Alexa Traffic Rank is 4,177).

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Alexa Adds New Traffic Features

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