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Akamai Releases 1st State of the Internet Report

Akamai has been around almost as long as the Internet itself, offering tracking and dynamic site solutions along with enterprise applications and streaming data. Celebrating Akamai’s 10th anniversary, the company has released its State of the Internet report which outlines security flaws and hacking, DNOS attacks, offline events which influenced the flow of the Internet and broadband penetration by different countries and regions.

On Real World Events :

  • Cable cuts in the Mediterranean Sea severed Internet connectivity between the Middle East and Europe, drastically slowing communications.
  • Cogent’s de-peering of Telia impacted Internet communications for selected Internet users in the United States and Europe for a two-week period.
  • A routing change by Pakistan Telecom that spread across the Internet essentially took YouTube, a popular Internet video sharing site, offline for several hours.

On Broadband Penetration :

  • Akamai observed that from a global perspective, South Korea had the highest measured levels of “high broadband” (>5 Mbps) connectivity.
  • In the United States, Delaware topped the list, with over 60% of connections to Akamai occurring at 5 Mbps or greater.
  • At the other end of the bandwidth spectrum, Rwanda and the Solomon Islands topped the list of slowest countries, with 95% or more of the connections to Akamai from both countries occurring at below 256 Kbps.
  • In the United States, Washington State and Virginia turned in the highest percentages of sub-256 Kbps connections. However, in contrast to the international measurements, these states only saw 21% and 18% of connections below 256 Kbps respectively.

Interested in these stats and how they may have influenced your business? Download the State of the Internet Report from Akamai.

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Akamai Releases 1st State of the Internet Report

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