Airbnb SEO Meetup #Interview: Negative SEO and Its Impact on Google Search Results

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Joe Sinkwitz

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of different SEO tactics resulting from Google’s constant and unwavering algorithm updates. From link building to guest blogging, a lot of different practices have been born in search of improved search rankings, including the topic of discussion in this interview, negative SEO. Negative SEO has received quite a bit of attention since Google’s Penguin update and continues to be a hot topic throughout the search industry, so we wanted to get some expert insights as to what negative SEO really is, whether or not it’s effective, and if you should be worried.

In a recent interview from the Airbnb SEO Meetup in San Francisco, Murray Newlands and Joe Sinkwitz from CopyPress talk all things negative SEO and its impact on Google’s search results.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

Here are the key takeaways from the video:

  • In the interview, Joe says that negative SEO had some noticeable impact on Google’s Panda update, but people really didn’t start taking notice of it until the later Penguin update. He explains that the most damaging aspect of negative SEO during Panda was done via comment spamming in open comments sections on blogs, but because of all of the preventative blackhat measures Google put in place with Penguin, it has become a lot more difficult to protect your brand or site from negative SEO.
  • Joe says negative SEO methods are almost endless, and can be as simple as a link blast or as complex as devaluing high quality competitor links.
  • Joe says the best way to prevent your site from falling victim to negative SEO is to simply be proactive and know what links are coming from where and stay up to date with webmaster tools. Other than that, Joe says there’s not really much else site owners can do to protect themselves from negative SEO.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands FRSA is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. Newlands is also an adviser to the Draper Nexus Network of Things Fund that invests in IOT companies. He advises entrepreneurs and start-ups on various subjects from funding to growth strategies. Newlands received a Bachelor of Laws and he is qualified as a Lawyer. He gained his Green Card by being recognized by the US government as an “alien of extraordinary ability.” Newlands is the author of “Online Marketing: A User’s Manual” published by John Wiley & Sons. Murray regularly contributes to Forbes and Entrepreneur. Murray co-authored Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals with Bruce Clay. Murray runs the agency Influence People based in Palo Alto.
Murray Newlands
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  • Very insightful and I am happy to see that I am not the only who thinks that Airbnb is doing a great job!

  • Although Google has already have Disavow Tool to help Webmasters deal with this problem, but we have to use it with caution. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for the tool to work, however we can’t afford to ensure on how long the site’s should be back since get penalty cause by negative SEO.

  • Great post. I agree with Joe who recommends site owner to be proactive and they can’t do much else to protect their site from negative SEO.

  • I agree with you, Negetive SEO is truly effective. Thanks for this post, It’s so helpful to me.