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2 Tools to Aggregate Comments Across Social Media & Blogs

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2 Tools to Aggregate Comments Across Social Media & Blogs

I love reading Internet discussions. That’s a source of inspiration, news and post ideas.

There are so many sites where people can share their opinions on any article (popular social voting sites, micro-blogging platforms, etc), that it might be time consuming to check them all.

Here are two tools that aggregate comments fro a number of platforms:


ConvoTrack is an online comment aggregation tool that collects discussions surrounding any blog article from the following sites:

  • Twitter,
  • FriendFeed,
  • Digg,
  • Reddit,
  • HackerNews


It also offers a very handy bookmarklet that opens a sidebar featuring comments for any post.


  • Sort comments by the source (Twitter, FriendFeed, or blog link);
  • Opens in a sidebar, so you can see comments and the post itself simultaneously;
  • Bookmarklet for quick access (FireFox and Internet Explorer compatible).


YackTrack is my recent discovery I keep blogging on. It aggregates opinions on any post from a number of social media sites. For any URL you enter you will be able to see:

  • Twitter mentions (including TinyURL backlinks);
  • Actual on-site comments to the post;
  • Comments on Mixx;
  • Reviews on StumbleUpon;
  • Google reader comments;
  • Comments on Digg.



  • Seems to return much more comments than ConvoTrack;
  • Offers IE and FireFox bookmarklet.

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