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After Adsense for Mobile, Here Comes Google Gadget Ads

After bringing Adsense units into the mobile web, Google Adwords is now launching a new interactive ad format for its Adwords advertisers, this time via Google Gadget Ads. Unlike typical ad units, Gadget Ads are designed more like a content unit running on Google’s content network. Gadget ads are non-traditional ad units that are interactive and allows user to engage with ad content, unlike the traditional ad units.

Here are the features of the Google Gadget Ads:

  • can be created using Flash, HTML or combination of both,
  • offers contextual, site geographic and demographic ad targetting options,
  • support cost-per-click and cost-per-impression pricing models,
  • built on open platform that allows basically anybody to set up and run Ads withing the Google content network,
  • no serving or hosting costs

google_gadget_ads.jpgCurrently running on beta, Gadget Ads has been tested tested by selected participants including Pepsi-Cola North America’s Sierra Mist, Intel, Honda, Six Flags and Paramount Vantage. And the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Stephanie Dillard, global marketing manager at Intel was all praises with the new Google Gadget Ads.

“Google Gadget Ads provided a unique and efficient means to further promote our Centrino Duo campaign. Our goal was to enhance visibility and engagement with the consumer while taking in key learnings of Google’s evolutionary advertising offerings. We look forward to utilizing the interactive gadget ad format with our new ‘Chips’ campaign that shifts focus back on the processor.”, said Dillard in a Google press release.

Susan Wojcicki, Google’s vice president of product management also said in the press release:

The introduction of this new advertising format provides advertisers and agencies worldwide with an imaginative, dynamic way to interact with consumers. Google Gadget Ads are built on an open platform that enables distribution across the Google content network and can be shared on iGoogle and other personalized web pages.

So, with all these Google ads sprouting on almost all possible Google web property, we could only wait for the next announcement from Google on new Ads placement avenue. Where could those Ads probably appear next? Any guesses?

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After Adsense for Mobile, Here Comes Google Gadget Ads

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