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Affiliate RSS Product & Coupon Datafeeds from Commission Junction

Affiliate RSS Product & Coupon Datafeeds from Commission Junction

Affiliate RSS Product & Coupon Datafeeds from Commission Junction

I still can’t believe more merchants aren’t offering datafeeds in RSS format for affiliates yet. CJ recently announced tips on exactly how to do it, so now merchants who have been afraid to take the plunge can do it more easily. I know lots of you don’t read the CJ news so I want to post some of the info here. 1st, so merchants can understand that affiliates DO want RSS feeds and why – here is a quote from Jeremy, a top CJ affiliate about the benefits of Audible’s RSS product datafeed:

“One of the toughest things about publishing is the effort required to keep fresh content on my 100+ sites, so using Audible’s RSS feed was a no-brainer. I literally got it up and going in 15 minutes and because it requires no maintenance, it’s simpler than a data feed or product catalog. I love the convenience factor of RSS – it’s definitely the wave of the future. “

Merchants, here is a snippet from CJ on how to create an RSS product feed. Note: this could also be used for a coupon feed so affiliates would never need to update them and you would never need to worry about expired coupons being displayed! Visit the link below for complete info.

“How to set up your RSS feed through Commission Junction: Set up your RSS feed today by using tools like those featured at Once you’ve created a feed, you must be able to deliver it in a manner compliant with Commission Junction tracking. Convert all of the links within the RSS feed to Commission Junction compliant tracking URLs. And if you need help, Commission Junction’s technical services team can give you more information on how to do this… Take advantage of Commission Junction’s “SmartLink” functionality to make the RSS feed content available to your publishers via the CJ Account Manager. SmartLinks are link types that allow publishers to access advertiser-hosted content (like an RSS feed) from the CJ Account Manager…”

You need to log into CJ to view this page which has LOTS of great RSS info for CJ affiliates and merchants alike.

Linda Buquet, president of 5 Star Affiliate is an Affiliate Management Consultant that represents a select group of high paying, high integrity affiliate programs. The 5 Star site also features all the best affiliate blogs and SEO news, as well as a friendly Internet marketing forum.

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Affiliate RSS Product & Coupon Datafeeds from Commission Junction

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