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Editor John Rampton Speaking at Affiliate Management Days: March 19 & 20 in San Francisco

Affiliate Management Days takes place two weeks from now in San Francisco on March 19 & 20. The SEJ team, including myself, will be at AM Days speaking and interviewing attendees! If you’re an affiliate manager responsible for your company’s affiliate marketing strategy, management, and operations, this would be a great event for you to attend.

AM Days is also designed for those who do not have an existing affiliate program and are considering creating a new initiative. You’ll get to hear how other online retailers are successfully implementing and managing their affiliate programs, which will help when it’s time to launch yours. 

AM Days will cover topics like:

  • Affiliate Recruitment Techniques
  • Communication with Affiliates
  • Affiliate Marketing Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing Fraud
  • Role of Affiliate Networks
  • Landing Page & Conversion Optimization
  • Compliance Policing & Enforcement
  • Legislative Issues & Challenges
  • Mobile & Affiliate Marketing
  • Tracking & Multi-Channel Attribution

I will also be speaking at the conference! 

I will be on then panel for a session called “How to Improve the Advertiser-Affiliate Relationship,” which takes place at 3:15-4:00 pm in room Golden Gate C1.

Can affiliates and advertisers ever get along? That’s the question we aim to answer in this panel as we debate the types of advertiser campaigns that work best from an affiliate perspective and some of advertisers’ big pet peeves when affiliates run their campaigns.

Our hope is that affiliates will leave with a better understanding of how to strengthen relationships with advertisers in order to gain access to top-performing campaigns. From the advertiser’s side, we hope they will learn how to work effectively with affiliates (and their intermediaries — affiliate networks) to drive traffic for their campaigns.

Joining me on this panel will be Drew Thorne-Thomsen of Invoca, and Yuriy Timen of Grammarly.


If you’re interested in attending this conference, registrations are still open. Register today! 

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Editor John Rampton Speaking at Affiliate Management Days: March 19 & 20 in San Francisco

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