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How to Use Technology to Optimize, Automate & Win

Here are six ways technology can help paid media newcomers and veterans optimize, automate, and win with their paid media campaigns.

This post was sponsored by Adzooma. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Deciding where to deploy technology is one of the most profound decisions you have to make in modern business.

Here’s just one way to think about it:

What’s the number one benefit of technology?


Or, more specifically, using machines to do things human beings spend too much time on.

Let’s consider a specific example.

With paid media like Google and Facebook Ads, the time you spend managing the accounts you’re responsible for can be crippling.

Pouring over data, trawling through keyword planning tools, tweaking your campaigns…

It all takes so much time.

We found this out the hard way at Adzooma. See, before the platform we built was our business, we started life as a small advertising agency.

We wanted to scale up but found that our staff was spending too much time on micromanagement. Pouring over spreadsheets and analyzing data meant they had less time for high-level strategy.

We didn’t want that. So we built Adzooma.

Fixing the Problem

We built a technology platform that could support account managers. It allowed them to:

  • Do what they were doing, but without the fatigue.
  • Be quicker.
  • Be more productive.

And then we added to the platform. And then we added to it some more.

But that same core principle about technology is at the core of what we do.

Smart, powerful and easy to use, our platform is championed by paid media newcomers and veterans alike for one simple reason:

It makes online advertising easier.

We’d like to show you why.

1. Cut Through the Noise

Modern paid media campaigns generate an extremely large data set.

Figuring out what matters and what doesn’t can sometimes be easy. But often the numbers aren’t quite as obvious as we’d like them to be.

Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine analyzes your account 24 hours a day. It does the day-to-day number crunching for you so you can focus on the high-level tasks a computer wouldn’t be any good at.

Every single one of the checks it makes pinpoint where you can improve performance.

Better yet, it’s not about “general best practice”. The Opportunity Engine is specific to your business, your industry, your data, and your customers.

This matters because there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for paid media. What works for Shoe Salesman might not work for Big High Heels.

It’s also why “10 quick paid media ad hacks for any business” articles are rarely useful. Specific recommendations, that are personalized to you, are what you need.

2. Apply Changes with a Single Click

Technology can’t help you if you aren’t in control of it. Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine constantly checks over 50 possible recommendations for you.

When it finds statistically relevant data, it notifies you, you review it, and take action. You’re in charge.

Like what you see? You can implement your changes from within the platform.

In fact, 85% of opportunities can be applied in a single click.

Queue up multiple changes and watch your optimizations rollout while you get a nice cup of tea and conjure up the world-beating headline for your next brand ad.

Freeing up this time allows you to deliver results that you and your clients will love.

3. Automate Routine Tasks

Cut away the time you spend on your accounts every single day by setting up automation rules. The tool is easy to use but changing rules together means you can build something extremely powerful.

You can either set things up to action automatically or receive an instant notification when one of your rules fires. That means you’re only pulled away from what you’re doing when something significant requires your attention.

In fact, our customers report they save up to 90% of their time managing accounts with Adzooma.

This is time you can use to onboard new clients, brush up on the next big marketing thing or, spend with family and friends away from work – all while you relax safe in the knowledge your campaigns are being watched closely.

4. Create Beautiful, Customizable Reports

Justifying what you’re doing with your PPC accounts can be difficult – unless you have Adzooma on your side.

Filter and sort the information you want to showcase. Present it to your stakeholder in a digestible format.

It takes just minutes to put them together and you can even add your own custom logos and layouts to your reports. Once everything is set up, you can run them again at the click of a button for your weekly or monthly summaries.

With less time spent reporting what you’re doing, you can focus on the parts of your job that deliver meaningful impact.

5. Get One-Page Overviews of Your Accounts

Using one highly secure Adzooma login, you can run multiple ad accounts across both Google Ads and Facebook. Get one-page overviews and adjust your budgets on a single, beautifully designed screen.

This allows you to see the big picture and work strategically.

Which account needs your attention right now? Where can you have the biggest impact?

It simplifies onboarding new clients and makes managing your workload much easier.

Using this top-level view allows you to focus on where you can make an impact.

6. Always Ready to Add to New Features

Adzooma doesn’t try and shoehorn you into one way of running your online advertising. We never have done this. We never will.

Not only that, but we have open lines of communication with our customers. Every single week, they tell us what they like about the platform and what they’d like to see next.

When we first went to market, we didn’t have Facebook Ads. Our one-page account overviews looked very different. Several of our opportunities weren’t part of the product.

The brilliant feedback we got helped us built the platform we have today. That means we know who has the best ideas for our updates: the people who use our platform every day.

People like you.

Some companies say they listen and, well, they don’t. We have thrived by listening to our customers and we’ll never stop doing that.

If you want a feature adding to Adzooma, let us know. You’ll be really surprised about how quickly your suggestion can become a part of the platform.

Slack, Facebook, email – whatever works for you. Our product team is always listening.

Get All the Time-Saving Tools You Need in One Place

Adzooma was built to level the playing field. It was designed to help businesses big and small get more done with their online advertising.

So far, we’ve helped:

  • Optimize over £22 million in advertising spend.
  • Generate 2.2 billion impressions.
  • Engineer over 32 million clicks.
  • Achieve over 2.4 million conversions.
  • Save 4,628 days of manual work – which is over 12 years!

We’re a Google Premier Partner who has grown over 3,000% in just 12 months. In fact, Google visited our Nottingham office to film a case studio recently. We’re thrilled to bits with it!

Ready to see how we can help your business grow? Try it free for 7 days.

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In-Post Photos: Images by Adzooma. Used with permission.

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How to Use Technology to Optimize, Automate & Win

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