Google’s AdWords App Finally Comes to iPhone

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Google’s AdWords App Finally Comes to iPhone

Search marketers with an iPhone now have a new app to add to their home screen, as Google has finally brought its AdWords app to iOS. This comes almost a full year after launching it on Android.

With the iPhone AdWords app marketers can keep a close watch over their campaigns from wherever they are, as well as act on things that need immediate attention.

The app is designed to be used as a companion to, not a replacement for, the desktop tool. While it’s not possible to set up a new campaign from scratch, the app can be used to maintain existing campaigns and view real time stats.

If you suddenly find you need to top a budget, or adjust your bids, you can now do that from the device that never leaves your side. In addition, you can use the app to pause campaigns, or launch a new campaign that you’ve already taken the time to create on desktop.

When you link your AdWords account you’ll be greeted with a dashboard of your overall campaign performance. The dashboard can be customized according to what is most important to you. To get acquainted with what you can do on the app, there’s a convenient ‘opportunities’ section in the menu with some suggested changes you can make to campaigns right then and there.

You can take the guess work out of what needs attention and when by enabling notifications. The app will then send you alerts about when a budget is about to run out, or when it’s a particularly good time to act on one of your ‘opportunities’.

The app can be downloaded now on both iPhone and iPad. For a detailed walkthrough of the app, see Google’s tutorial below:

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  • manoj

    nice blog

  • Gaurav Dwivedi

    is it Valid for All over the world or for limited countries?

    • Artur Kowalski

      Yes, globally.

  • lakshminarayana seo

    It’s worth noting here that the app is only for those who are already set up with AdWords — you can’t sign up for the service here. Google already has an app for iOS specifically for AdWords Express, the automated version of Google’s online advertising product.

    With Google going all-in on mobile advertising — that is, advertising optimized for mobile devices — it makes sense that advertisers are also able to manage their campaigns while on the go. And for many, this app has been a long time coming.

  • Nazar Eye

    Nice Blog