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Advertisers Switching from Google AdSense to Yahoo Publisher Network

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Advertisers Switching from Google AdSense to Yahoo Publisher Network

Advertisers Switching from Google AdSense to Yahoo Publisher Network

In a WebmasterWorld thread named How is the Revenue with YPN compared to Adsense? members who have the privilege of being accepted into the YPN beta testing period are discussing how the revenue compares. What is interesting is that people are now reporting lower CPC earnings with Google AdSense since the Google AdWords pricing change went live. Which makes sense to me.

In addition, WebmasterWorld reports that iVillage to replace AdSense with YPN, which is a bold move. JenSense says, “It is a high profile move, and it will be interesting to watch and see if any of the other higher profile sites follow suit and make a switch from Google to Yahoo or vice versa.”

In addition, Jason Calacanis of Weblogs, Inc., who brings in a ton of money with Google AdSense through its network of blogs, writes Why publishers should (yes *should*) support the launch of Yahoo’s Publisher Network, via Jeremy Z.

All in all, YPN is paying well for me, but I can not get into the specifics. The relevancy as I report here and here are not so great but the clicks on the ads, when clicked, tend to make up the difference for not serving up as contextually relevant ads. I know that the relevancy will improve as they continue to work it during this beta period.

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