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Can You Make Money with AdSense for Domains?

Google AdSense for Domains lets domain name owners set up AdSense links on a parked domain which if it receives traffic, will serve relevant ads to the domain name (or popular categories).

I have not tried AdSense for Domains myself, but after digging through some forum threads on the AdSense Outage the other day, I ran into a simple thread posted on Digital Point about AdSense for Domains called Anyone made any money using AdSense for Domains?.

In the thread, a publisher asks about making money using AdSense for Domains and if anyone is having success. A few webmasters and domain name owners have replied :

With respect to AdSense for Domains, I haven’t made more than a few cents here and there. I’ve also only got a few domains set up on it, and they’re relatively new. I don’t really see a lot of people focusing on using this as a “real” source of income, only something to earn a bit until the domains can be developed.

I get about $20 a day from one domain. It started out at only penny’s a day but I employed on page and off page seo plus did a bit of testing with ad placement and colors and with in 3 months $20 a day and growing. Plus my site has gone from no indexed pages to # 8 slot on the first page of google for my key words I am now working on 2 new domains trying to get them up and generating revenue.

I find the second reply interesting, SEOing the domain parked site to actually bring in targeted search users who will more than likely click on the AdSense ads. Sure, $20 a day may not sound like much, but that’s an extra $7,000 a year just from domain parking. Not bad.

Do you use AdSense for Domains? Have any tips or success stories? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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Can You Make Money with AdSense for Domains?

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