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AdMob and Google Celebrate Their Anniversary with New Features

Stone age, bronze age, iron age, gunpowder age, computer age, smartphone age. That seems to be the progression anyway. We’re in the middle of a shift from home computer systems to mobile computing platforms. Tablets and smartphones both play a critical role in this change, and Google is spearheading the shift (alongside Apple) thanks to their powerful mobile advertising capabilities and the open source Android OS. Google’s efforts wouldn’t be possible (because they wouldn’t be profitable) withoutAdMob, the mobile advertising group Google acquired one year ago. Now Google and AdMob are celebrating their anniversary with the release of some new features for advertisers and app developers.

Here’s a brief rundown of those new features:

  • Tablet-centric ad formats. Advertisers can now create ads in a number of new media-rich formats that use HTML5 coding and are designed to take advantage of the larger screen-size, higher resolution, and additional features of tablets.
  • Improved House Ad Tools. The “house ads” product allows application developers to create advertisements for their own products for integration with their app. In the new version developers will have access to improved targeting, new formats, and advanced campaign management.
  • Ad mediation. This program, which is in development now and will be released in the coming months, will put ads from different networks in competition with each other, improving the successful click rate for advertisers and revenue for app developers.
  • Support for DoubleClick. DoubleClick mobile ad analytics tools have been made available for the AdMob network and support for DoubleClick for Publishers will be added shortly.

Mobile is a huge, crucial, and thriving arena for Google. Since the AdMob acquisition last year the total network size has more than tripled and the service currently displays over 2.7 billion ads daily. With an expectation that smartphones and tablets will continue their exponential growth in both North America and Europe, AdMob and other mobile products will become more and more key for Google’s company model.

[via the Official Google Blog]


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AdMob and Google Celebrate Their Anniversary with New Features

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