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AdGooRoo Updates Search Marketing Competitive Intelligence Tools

AdGooRoo Updates Search Marketing Competitive Intelligence Tools

AdGooroo has unveiled a series of new tools in its marketing console for pay-per-click advertisers. Chief among these service enhancements is coverage of Yahoo! Search Marketing. AdGooroo clients advertising on Yahoo! now have access to detailed information about every competitor in their industries. With this information, they can discover new keywords, improve their ad copy, benchmark their campaigns against the industry, and more.

The latest expansion into Yahoo! also covers AdGooroo Trademark Monitoring(TM). Customers subscribing to this trademark monitoring service will also soon be able to automatically identify all infringing advertisers and generate the appropriate complaint forms with very little effort. AdGooroo SEM Insight(TM) and AdGooroo Trademark Monitoring(TM) now cover international markets as well.

Both the United Kingdom and Japan will be immediately available to customers, with further country expansions planned in upcoming months. This allows advertisers to monitor their search advertising worldwide, both in aggregate and at the country level.

“We are reaching out to the international market in recognition of the growing number of global search campaigns,” says Richard Stokes, president of AdGooroo, LLC. “This expansion will improve the ability of marketing managers to monitor and adjust their campaigns on a country-by-country basis.”

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AdGooRoo Updates Search Marketing Competitive Intelligence Tools

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