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AdBrite Changes CPC Ad Targeting System

AdBrite Changes CPC Ad Targeting System

AdBrite has made some changes to the order of the ads, or their ranking, in its ‘text’ advertising network (with over 20,000 publishers). Instead of showing the highest bid first, AdBrite is taking a more performance oriented approach to determining which ads are shown and the order of multi-link ad formats.

Pud posts on the AdBrite blog:

AdBrite’s CPC auction used to work such that an ad with the highest bid won. Now, the system takes into account each bid, as well as each ad’s clickthrough ratio. In other words, an ad that has a low bid — but many clicks — could be shown instead of an ad with a high bid but few clicks.

Showing ads with a higher clickthrough ratio means that we’re showing more relevant ads — and everyone likes ads that are more relevant. 🙂 A side-benefit is that CPC prices may drop while targeted click volume increases.

If you’re an advertiser with campaigns running right now with AdBrite, this upgrade may (or may not) affect your campaigns. If your CPC and/or click volumes change, this is why.

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AdBrite Changes CPC Ad Targeting System

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