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A Winter-Friendly Nexus S Feature

The Nexus S may be the best symbol for why mobile devices are important to Google as a company. The device has the Google name, pre-integrated Google features, and a lineup of extras that would make anyone’s mouth water. Some of these are designed to lay the groundwork for future Google technologies, such as NFC integration for the “pay by phone tap” technology that’s on its way. However, others are designed to build user trust of Google’s name by offering an excellent product. One of these features that you may not know about is a winter-friendly bonus: you can use the touch-screen while wearing gloves.

Typically, touch screens require that you use your finger directly against the screen. This is because current generation touch screens sense your touch through your skin’s natural conductivity. Using any other method will typically not work, but the Nexus S seems to be the exception. This was publicized by Android Community, where one of the staff members accidentally discovered that the screen could be manipulated using his fingernail.

The entire hard-working staff of Android Community immediately set off to discover where these limitations ended, and found, much to their surprise, that they could use the phone with a gloved hand. They even tried it with different types of fabric, trying “both a standard polo and a thick sweatshirt and they both came out working flawlessly.”

The staff of AC then tried out other devices, and found that a few other Samsung touch screens worked in the same way. No one has been able to figure out exactly how the new touch screen technology works, and Samsung hasn’t been forthcoming with a statement. One thing is certain, however. Those who want to use their smartphone when out in the cold will have a new reason to celebrate.

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A Winter-Friendly Nexus S Feature

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