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A Search Engine that Searches All

WebFetch, a new search engine that enables user to search the web via Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search and all at the same time. This new search engine sorts search results in two ways, either through the traditional way of sorting by relevance or by search engine used, thus giving users the most relevant content for their search topics.

WebFetch is a power packed search engine with a variety of features that can be seen in other major search engines.

  • Allows users to customize their search engine portal
  • Filtering search results as either video, image, audio, news, business finder, and people finder
  • Various personalized settings such as, search filter, default search location, bold search term, recent searches
  • Specify search as either international or UK based

Webfetch is indeed a powerhouse engine which succesfully combined search results indexed by the other major search engine. Although it has been around in its international version, it is only now that the search engine has resurrected. And what proper timing it is to resurface today, with the search engine battle heating up. Webfetch might actually succeed in offering users worldwide an alternative to the already saturated search engine scene.

And oh, did I mention that the Webfetch portal sports a blue theme?  Adds some “coolness” factor that makes the search engine portal appealing.

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A Search Engine that Searches All

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