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A Rundown of Apple’s New Search Features in iOS 9

A Rundown of Apple’s New Search Features in iOS 9

Apple unveiled a suite of new search features coming to iOS 9 at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) held yesterday. With Apple’s new intelligent search funtionality its doing away with the term “Spotlight”, as Siri will be doing the bulk of the work in Apple’s new mobile operating system.

Here is a rundown of all the new search features included with iOS 9

Siri Suggestions

The most prominent of the new features will be noticed when you attempt to access the former Spotlight search. Swiping right or dragging down on the home screen will lead you to the new search screen, simply titled ‘Search’ where you will be presented with apps, contacts and other things you frequently access on your mobile device.

Expect these suggestions to change as Siri learns more about how you use your device. If you think this sounds a lot like Google Now on Android devices, you’re not wrong. The main difference is Apple’s emphasis on protecting user privacy — any personal data Siri collects will be sent through the internet completely anonymously.

Within Apple’s new search screen you’ll find a section devoted to suggested headlines you may be interested in based on the latest news of the day.

In addition, the new search screen can be customized based on what you want to see. For example, if the latest news is not a priority for you it can be removed to display more suggested map locations, and so on.

In-App Deep Linking

Just as integral as Siri is to Apple’s new mobile operating system are third party apps. Essentially you will be able to search for content contained in installed apps, such as restaurant reservations, and be presented with information from an app installed on your phone, such as OpenTable.

Searching for information contained within first party apps is also becoming more intelligent than ever. For example, you will be able to submit a search command like “photos from my trip to Amsterdam” and get exactly what you’re looking for.

Apple Maps

The Apple Maps app will be upgraded with similar intelligence found in Siri Suggestions. As your device learns where you go during the day, Apple Maps will provide quick access to the locations you travel to most fequently.

Apple Maps’ suggestions will change throughout the day. For example, in the morning you may be presented with your place of business and favorite coffee shop, while in the evening your suggestions will change to favorite restaurants, or your local gym.

All other search functionality you’re used to with iOS 8 will remain largely untouched in the coming update. For now, iOS 9 is only available to registered developers, and will be available to public beta testers at the beginning of July. After the beta testing period, iOS 9 is expected to roll out to all users this Fall.

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A Rundown of Apple’s New Search Features in iOS 9

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