Facebook Rolls Out Author Tags: A New Way to Grow Your Following

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Facebook Rolls Out Author Tags: A New Way to Grow Your Following

Facebook has introduced a way for publishers to grow their audience with a new feature called Author Tags. When implemented on a website, Author Tags allow people to easily follow the author of a piece of content they found on Facebook.

Author Tags are integrated in the byline of story preview in the news feed — the tags link to the author’s Facebook page or profile along with the option to follow.

Once someone clicks on a piece of content and then returns to Facebook, the preview that was just clicked on will display either a Follow or Like button which corresponds to either the author’s page or profile.

With this new feature, publishers have an opportunity to grow their audience with followers who are genuinely engaged with their content. With the connection made on Facebook, publishers can nurture that connection into something more meaningful with one-on-one conversation, Q&A’s, and so on.

How to Implement Facebook Author Tags

Those intimidated by the thought of adding custom code to their website will be happy to know it’s actually a simple thing to do. Only one line of code in the header tag is all that is needed.

Full details about the new article:author metatag can be found here.

If your goal is to build a following on your personal Facebook page, you will need to make sure the option for others to follow you is turned on. If your goal is to build a following on a Facebook page there are no further steps to take.

Facebook Author Tags are now live for everyone to start using.

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  • Hanif Sipai

    This is great news! Will definitely this on my Facebook Page ASAP.

  • R.Rogerson

    Sounds strikingly familiar …
    I do hope that they don’t try and hijack an existing piece of markup for their own ends like Google did (custom actions that “tie” people to a vendor should use custom-markup).

    I’m not sure on the degree of impact it will have.
    Technically, it will short-cut an action path that many already follow (so good UX).
    The questions are –
    * will it influence the follow rate?
    * how will it work for Brands (company entities) and Authors (people)?
    * how will they handle things like content-author association?

    G hit numerous relational/ownership issues with their attempt. I hope FB does a better job 😀

    • Kelsey Jones

      I had all these questions as well. It will be exciting to see how it pans out!

      • R.Rogerson

        Well, I must admit, I generally steer clear of Fb – I just don’t like the platform (Same as reddit/digg … never liked them either).
        But – yes, it will be interesting to see how the implement it, and the end results

  • Jay Henry

    Hope this new development turns out positive.

    Good work Mark…..

  • M Azad

    Great news for publishers! Will implement soon.

  • Christine

    This is interesting – In recent, as a business owner, I have scaled back on Facebook due to Facebook requiring owners to pay for their information to be seen. It will be interesting to see how this works.

  • Shahid Irfan

    It is new addition in the continues updates in Facebook. It takes time to view its real impact on users. Anyway share nice information..

  • Mansoorvalli

    Have been waiting for such a feature for a long time.Thanks for the share MATT.This really meant a lot to me

  • Nick @ Brick Marketing

    I think this is a great idea. Any advantages that you can implement to grow your social media following, you should absolutely use it.