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A Link is Worth a Thousand Dollars

A Link is Worth a Thousand Dollars

After the sale of Weblogs Inc. to AOL for somewhere around $20 million, Tristan Lewis put together a bog valuation formula based upon the amount of backlinks to each Weblogs Inc. blog as tracked by Technorati. Tristan’s conclusion was that for a $20 million sale, one incoming link to Weblogs Inc. was worth $564.64 to AOL, although links probably did not have that much of a determining factor on the end value – there was also the blog technology, branding, syndication and enGadget which came along with the deal – and having Jason Calacanis as an AOL employee.

When Tristan published his study, the Business Opportunities Weblog put out a blog valuation tool based upon Tristan’s equation which has spread like wildfire among probloggers and is one heck of a piece of linkbait in its own right – since many a blogger is posting the blog value badge on their site with a link back to the Business Opportunities Weblog (more on that later).

I was glancing over Debra Mastaler’s The Link Spiel blog today and there’s a post made by Debra listing the valuation of her blog and those of other Search Engine oriented blogs. Here’s a sample of the list:, is worth $1,582,970.16, is worth $2,399,859.54, is worth $207,750.72, is worth $674,060.76, is worth $209,444.34

I could go into my own spiel on how Tristan’s equation is more entertaining than correct, which was the original intent or that Barry is getting one heck of a lot of links recently. But the point of this post is to show that the proof in the pudding is the link value of the creator of this cool link valuation tool,; which is worth $9,773,316.48.

Better yet, looking at Google Backlinks to the page and Google is tracking 20,800 links to that page alone!

Yahoo, with its Uber link tracking, shows that the page weighs in at 326,000 backlinks.

So, although this blog valuation may not be brining $3,500,000 to the anytime soon (or will it?), it has brought priceless value in backlinks to the brains behind the tool,

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A Link is Worth a Thousand Dollars

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