A Guide To Choosing A Competitive Title For Content Marketing

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As we all know, content is king and it plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO). Having good content on each of your pages is also will make your website stand out among the others. It is also what searchengines like and always recommend keeping in practice to provide a reliable and valuable source of information to their visitors.

However, a content/king alone may not have a chance to compete against its competitors without the assistance and help of its companion such as title. Title is the key to get the attention of your targeted readers and it plays an important role to help your content becomes king. Right, content does not become a king unless it has been acknowledged by its readers. So title is the opening door for a content to own a castle. But how do you choose the best appropriate title for your content? Here’s how:

When choosing a title you must think like:

1. You’re establishing a business name – Each business name has its own uniqueness and most of these stands out and leads their way on top of their industry. When you are writing a title for an article, you should think like your title will not be duplicated or replicated by your competitors and also, claim your ownership by using authorship markup.

  • Be creative – When thinking of a title, you must use something that has never been used before. It is important to give your readers something new to read. Something new to their eyes and make sure that your content is absolutely relevant to your title.
  • Write down random titles – If you have several good titles in mind and being confused which one you should use to make your content stand out, better make a list of your titles in mind and decide which one will stand out among the others.

2. You’re revealing secrets – Titles need to be “eye-catching” it would help your content stand out if you use proper words or phrases to identify your content and this will potentially attract your readers click on your content. But you must make sure that the “secrets” you’re going to reveal are true and must not be copied from any other books, magazines and online articles.

  • Narrative Titles – When you are revealing secrets about your topic, make sure that your title describes what your content will talk about and provide a supportive detail to ensure that your client will be satisfied after reading your content.
  •  Distinctive Titles – Keep your titles unique, self explanatory and interesting. Our goal is to make our content stand out and be seen by many people within and outside our focus niche as often as possible but in order to do that, we must ensure that our title alone can stand out and can compete without the support of the king.

3. You’re solving some problems – Most importantly, if you would like to make your title appealing to your target readers, you must think of some difficulties that they are experiencing and think of how you will help them by writing an article to help them solve their situations. But in order to do this, you must identify their problems.

For instance in SEO industry, a lot of websites have been affected by Google algorithm update (Penguin) and a lot of websites suffered from severe penalties. Writing an article related on how to recover from penguin algorithm with step by step guides will definitely stand at the top.

Choosing title most appropriate title for each article is really important and this will decide how frequent your content will be viewed, shared and promoted by your target readers. Title is the key, content is the king and your knowledge will be the foundation of your success.

Joseph Cruz
Joseph Gojo Cruz is the author of RankingElite, co founder and head of operations at SharpRocket. Joseph has been working in online marketing industry for... Read Full Bio
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  • Sahil

    Absolutely agree with you Joseph! Post Penguin and Panda algorithm updates content is rightly the focal point of an SEO campaign. It is a great way for a business to showcase its authority and credibility online to gain users trust. Title holds the key as it draws lot of eye balls in search results and has a direct impact on the users decision making whether to click on the result or not. A good title if it has the right or relevant keywords does increase the CTR as the keywords searched if present in title are shown in bold in search results.

  • kimo

    Hello Joseph you are so correct that content is king, on line 16 of your article you said “Be creative – When thinking of a title” how creative should one get ?

  • Arun Singth

    Great Post Joseph!! Title is the most important element of every content because readers firstly read title and than decide weather article is readable or not.

  • Britt McCrimmon

    Joseph I am with you on this. I think #3 is critical. When you start solving problems you become the authority in your niche. Also i personally with probably everyone else in the world go to search engines to find answers. So if we are finding out the issues our readers are having and then address those issues in the title we are going to get noticed.

  • Danny Ashton

    Jo, some great insight there! I think a lot of SEOs should take a lot more time over the titles because often that is the difference between successful content and ones that don’t go anywhere. And on point two, you talk about revealing secrets which I think is critical and a really interesting point. One of the things we found when putting together titles is that it’s great to reveal secrets and it’s also really good to have a mystery element to the title that outlines something that maybe people already know about and have a new take on it. I think if you have that mystery, you get people clicking on the title whether it’s on RSS feeds or social media. On twitter we found that really powerful as well.