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9 Search-Related Twitter Service to Help You Find Tweets

9 Search-Related Twitter Service to Help You Find Tweets

Here you go, 10 search-related service for all your Twittering needs. Search for Twitter profiles, Twitter discussion, Twitter followings and what-have-yous. If you know of other Twitter search-related service/apps that we’ve missed, please let us know by leaving a comment. We’ll gladly add them to the list.

Summize – search and discover topics and attitudes expressed within the Twitter realtime online conversations; crawls and indexes Twitter’s public timeline then thread together related tweets; even offers an advanced search operations.

Twittermap – searches and display the Twitter zeitgeist; shows a user’s location on the Twittermap and links to a user’s Twitter profile

Flaptor Twittersearch – a simple search portal that crawls through, well –

 TwitterTroll -indexes and searches Twitter posts to help you find like-minded people to follow on Twitter; indexes Twitter’s public timeline

TweetScan -searches Twitter’s public timeline for text snippet to let you know what other people says about a topic, web site, and many more; searches blog links and posts posted on the Twitter public timeline; lets you find out whether a site is really down or not by simply searching for the site and TweetScan will give you other people who are complaining about it

TwitterWho – lets you search for people who are on Twitter.

Twitscoop – crawls hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the words which are mentioned more often than usual through an automated algorithm; results are displayed in tag cloud

Twitter Search CSE – a Twitter search engine built using Google’s Custom Search Engine to crawl

TwitBuzz  – tracks and follows the latest popular links, conversations and people on Twitter.

And finally, if you want to connect to us here in SEJ, check out a directory of our Twitter accounts. Feel free to follow us on Twitter.

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