9 Places to Share Your Blog Feed to Automatically Update Your Social Media Contacts

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Most of us are active at a number of social media sites. And I bet, we all have a blog (or several blogs). You are very likely to be eager to share what you blog about with your social media friends.

This post outlines the ways to automate that sharing. Someone may frown upon the “automation” part here (after all, social media sites are all about live conversation, automation is not what we want from our social media contacts.) But in this case, this is a so-to-say “whitehat” automation: we share news from our own blogs. This news are meant for our friends and we would share it anyway, so why not make the process faster?

You are probably aware of most of these ways, but this post should serve as a checklist: be sure to drop your blog feed URL everywhere.

1. Facebook

1. RSS connect application offers to add a blog or any RSS feed to your wall or boxes tab or create a fully customizable tab dedicated to your feeds.

You will be able to :

  1. Add a box to your profile wall;
  2. Add a box to your boxes tab;
  3. Create a customizable tab for your feed.

Visibility: Visible to your Facebook friends.

RSS connect application

More ways to share your content on Facebook can be found here.

2. Facebook Notes:

  • Click the Import a blog link;
  • Enter the URL of your blog (RSS) into the text box, and check the box underneath that states that you agree to our Terms of Use.
  • To complete the process, click on “Save Settings.” Once you do this, your previous posts will appear as notes and any new posts you make will automatically display.

Visibility: Visible to your Facebook friends.

Note: This way will allow your friends to keep track of your blog updates but there won’t be a link back to your actual post on your blog:

Facebook notes - import blog

2. Facebook Fan Pages

1. Simply RSS allows to automatically update your fan page wall with your blog RSS

Visibility: visible to everyone (links are “nofollow).

2. Fan page notes: Go: “Edit page“, find “Notes” under “Application” and click “Edit“, then “Edit import settings” and at last provide your feed URL.

Promote Facebook fan page: import blog feed

Visibility: visible to everyone (with no actual link back to your post).

Note: Many people prefer to share links on Facebook manually for many reasons (one mentioned in #2), here’s a well-reason post on the drawbacks of autos-sharing.

3. LinkedIn

1. Blog Link is a LinkedIn Application that imports your recent posts to your full LinkedIn profile.

Visibility: visible to LinkedIn registered users.

2. WordPress is another one for WordPress-driven blogs.

Wordpres application for LinkedIn

Visibility: visible to LinkedIn registered users.

4. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn allows to submit news feeds to automatically post your blog updates to the group. You can manage your feeds from your group “News” tab:

Add news feed

Visibility: visible to LinkedIn registered users.

See this page for more ways to manage your LinkedIn group.

5. Twitter

There are a few tools that automatically update your Twitter stream with links from the provided RSS feed. I’ve been traditionally using Twitter Feed.

Visibility: visible to everyone (links are “nofollow”).

Note: Make sure to take advantage of Twitterfeed “Advanced settings” (i.e. “Post content” and post prefix):

Twitterfeed settings

6. Friendfeed

While being primarily a tool for aggregating your social media life, Friendfeed can be used to share your blog updates as well. Go:

Settings -> Services add/edit -> (Miscellaneous) Custom RSS/Atom.

Visibility: visible to everyone (links are “nofollow”).

Friendfeed share rss

7. Any Ning-Powered Community

There are plenty of semi-popular websites powered by Ning (Twitter Moms and Doterati are two widely-known examples). To share your blog updates on your profile page:

When logged in, go to your profile page and in the sidebar look for “Add RSS” link (normally under the list of your friends).

Visibility: visible to everyone (links are “follow” but go to your feed posts). However if you have “Related posts” enabled in your RSS and choose “Details” when setting up your feed at Ning, you’ll end up with “follow” links to the deep pages:

Ning-community: Share RSS

8. Naymz

At your Naymz account page, scroll down and find “Add link”. Click the link and provide your blog RSS:

Naymz share RSS

Your recent posts will appear under “Recent activity” heading:

Visibility: visible to everyone (links are “follow” but go to your feed posts). However if you have “Related posts” enabled in your RSS and choose “Details” when setting up your feed at Ning, you’ll end up with “follow” links to the deep pages:

Naymz share RSS

9. Zimbio

Head straight to “Blogs” tab and add your blog URL. The articles will be automatically imported to Zimbio and linked back to the original.

Visibility: visible to everyone (links are “follow”).

Zimbio Share RSS

Social media monitoring is essential as well- to measure the the impact. Any other social media sites to promote your blog feed?

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
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  • Ann Donnelly

    I've just added this feed to my Facebook page. I'm always posting the links anyway!!! It made me think that it wouldn't hurt to openly suggest to people to use my feeds to increase the amount and variety of content on their pages. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jay

    Ann, that's a pretty thorough list.

    1. I wonder about Zimbio… I've add a few blogs to Zimbio. It seems that Zimbio hotlinks images from your blog feed which is not great.

    2. One trick that I learned from reading SEO Greywolf was adding the RSS Footer plugin to a WordPress blog. It allows you to add additional links in your feed such as the post title or a link back to your main blog.

  • Jay

    Sorry Ann, my phone was ringing and I didn't get to finish my post.

    Back to Zimbio… I was trying to figure out whether or not Zimbio is a good idea or not. Looking at my posts in Zimbio, it appears that I am getting clean, do follow links from Zimbio. However, I seem to get zero traffic from Zimbio and none of these links ever show up in Google Webmaster which makes me wonder. Are they javascript links which aren't really 'do follow'?
    Also, I have a PR4 Sports Blog and some of my posts seem to actually compete with Zimbio for search traffic including organic search and Google image search. It's funny to think that Zimbio forces your site to compete for Google image search traffic with images that they're basically hot linking from your website.

    The click through rate on Zimbio must be close to 0% or at least it seems to be from my experience.

    • annsmarty

      Jay, I couldn't find any JavaScrpt or meta tags that might have prevented Google from finding the links. I checked my own profile and it is cached regularly – the links should be visible.

      As for the traffic, do you have a strong profile there? Me not. This is why I never actually expected traffic. I guess some more active profiles should be seeing some traffic: http://www.zimbio.com/member/WILLIAMDAKOTA – I see his shares are rated and obviously read.

      • Jarret Morrow

        Hi Ann, thanks for clarifying that for me!

        I guess that it's one of those things that you get out of it what you put into it. After starting my Zimbio, I don't think I've ever gone back really.

        Tumblr and My Blog Log also seem to give clean, do-follow links and are pretty easy/fast to setup.

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  • PsdDude

    Interesting post Ann! I must try all these places to easily share my articles! Thanks for the tip!

  • Mark Carter – Chotrul SEO

    Many thanks for this. I'd previously added my RSS feed to my Facebook page, but it seemed to have died at a certain point. Now that the interface has changed I couldn't work out how to get my blog content into Facebook again.

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    Definitely got to work on my sharing technique, so thanks for showing me how.

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  • dhirajch

    I love this link sharing technique, specially for Facebook and Linkedin.

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