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87% of Media Buyers Not Satisfied with Web Site Advertising Reps

87% of Media Buyers Not Satisfied with Web Site Advertising Reps

Want to sell more advertising on your site? Well, then respond to media buyers promptly and do not give them misleading information say a recent survey of online media buyers by, an online marketing agency. The survey shows that the majority of agencies buying online advertising are not happy with the people selling advertising on those sites. The poll has found that 87 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with their online media buying experience 50 percent of the time or more. Respondents also say their Number One source of frustration is slow response time or unmet deadlines by their media reps when they’re trying to put together online media plans.

Sites the media buyers have no previous relationship with are the poorest performers; 53 percent of respondents say these sites respond too late or not at all 25 to 50 percent of the time. Sites that only provide contact forms for online media buyers generate the lowest expectations; 60 percent of respondents say they dislike these forms but complete them anyway with low expectations for a response. Score one for the automated advertising model which is propelling services such as the upcoming Google CPM ad network and is one of the core building blocks behind paid search management!

“The results of our survey are quite telling,” said President and ClickZ columnist Hollis Thomases. “If web site publishers don’t address the chronic problem of poorly servicing the very buyers they’re trying to serve, they could suffer serious backlash as the Internet advertising industry continues its resurgence.”

If you cannot afford an automated ad buying system for your site and would like to sell advertising outright, the results of the survey highly suggest offering more on your web site than just a contact form and making phone numbers and email available (even if that number is on the post contact confirmation page). Whether you’re buying or selling online advertising, I highly suggest reviewing the survey results in full at Media Buyers 2005 Survey.

Here’s an excerpt : What would you describe as your #1 source of frustration with online media reps when you’re trying to put together media plans for your clients?

Ignorance/unfamiliarity with the media – 13.21%
Inflexibility of media rep – 1.89%
Providing inadequate/wrong information – 18.87%
Mistrusting of reps’ information – 7.55%
Generic proposals that don’t address my request – 7.55%
Great on sales but no service post-sales – 16.98%
Not meeting my deadlines in a timely fashion – 32.08%
No creativity in proposal process – 1.89%

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87% of Media Buyers Not Satisfied with Web Site Advertising Reps

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