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80% of Google Buzz Powered by Bots & Feeds

Google Buzz may be a centralized microblogging system, but for the most part, its not run by humans .. instead; robots. What better way for Google to gain access to real time Twitter data (if Microsoft ever buys Twitter and blocks Google access) than have Google users run auto tweeted material through Buzz?

PostRank has an interesting study on the percentage of Buzz that is powered by feeds and bots.

Turns out, approximately 60% of the content on Buzz is from Twitter! Many users have hooked up their accounts to automatically repost their content from Twitter either directly, through FriendFeed, or via another service.

The runner up to Twitter? Another set of bots! This time, it’s automated alerts from feeds, e.g. CNN publishes a new story and a bot pushes it out to the Buzz stream. All in all, those two sources account for almost 90% of the Buzz stream, and even in the remainder there is a long tail of Google Latitude updates,, and others. Unfortunately, there just doesn’t seem to be much original and/or human-generated content in Buzz.

For one, I’d like to see a comparison between Buzz and Twitter on these stats, but for the most part, this is what I expected out of Buzz … another version of Friendfeed.

How about you?

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80% of Google Buzz Powered by Bots & Feeds

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