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60% of Google’s Blogger Blogs Spam Blogs

60% of Google’s Blogger Blogs Spam Blogs

A test from Google Blogscoped indicates that 60% of all blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger domain are spam blogs. The test of 50 random blogs found 30 of them to be rubbish. A later test by the site of a further 100 blogs on indicated a spam rate of 42%.

To quote Philipp Lenssen “Even though I expected some amount of spam, I was surprised just how much it is. From the small sample I took it looks like on average, a site hosted at Google’s Blogspot is more likely to contain spam than anything else. If you’d consider Blogspot a community, it would be a very unhealthy one. If you consider it just another free web hosting service, than the amount of spam still reflects badly on Google. ”

Lessen adds As for those spam blogs which try to boost their Google rankings, it’s ironic that this is done on Google’s own servers. That’s as ridiculous as a cleaning lady with very dirty shoes.”

Duncan Riley is the Editor of Blog Herald, more blog news more often.

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60% of Google’s Blogger Blogs Spam Blogs

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