6 Great WordPress Plugins for SEO

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At last check, there are well over 31,000 different plugins in the WordPress Directory – and that number continues to grow daily. Plus, there are another 2,700 WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon and many others available to download. There are lots of great plugins out there, but which ones are best for helping you improve your website’s SEO? Well, I compiled a list of my six favorite WordPress plugins to help you improve your websites SEO quickly.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is by far one of the most powerful WordPress plugins you can install on your website to help your SEO value. This plugin is pretty simple to use, but it can be a little overwhelming to beginners. With this plugin you can edit your page titles, meta descriptions, create your XML Sitemap, integrate Google Webmasters Tools, adjust permalink structure, and much more! If you are using a different SEO plugin (like All-In-One SEO Pack), WordPress SEO by Yoast also has an import feature that will move over all of your page titles and meta descriptions with the click of a button. If you search for this plugin in the directory, it is free, but there is also a paid version, which includes help from their support team.

(Editor Disclosure: We occasionally syndicate Yoast blog posts, but were not asked to add them to the list. We just happen to think they are awesome.)


Redirection is one of the best plugin to handle 301 redirects. One of my favorite features of this plugin includes the bulk upload function.  In the options section, scroll down to import section and there you can upload a CSV file of your 301 redirects. To create that 301 redirect CSV file, put the old URLs in column A and then the new URLs in the same row, but in column B. Upload that file using the import feature and it will create all of your redirects.

Redirection WordPress Plugin

Redirection also logs all of your 404 errors and it will even automatically create 301 redirects on your website if you change the url of one of your pages. When creating a new website, 301 redirects are very important! So get this plugin and fix all of those 404 errors that are sitting in Webmasters Tools!

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Social sharing is a great way to increase your SEO value, and the Simple Share Buttons Adder is one of the better social sharing plugins because it is so simple: you can pretty much install it and let it go. There are nine default social icons sets with the plugin that you can choose from, or you can upload your own as well.

Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin Example

Video SEO for WordPress SEO By Yoast

The Video SEO for WordPress SEO is a great plugin to get your videos to appear in the search results and will get a video thumbnail to appear in the listing too. It is a very powerful plugin that can help your website get more clicks, even if you are not ranking top for your keywords. Here is a screen shot of what the plugin does to your search engine result:

video seo thumbnail example

If it weren’t for that plugin, you would have no idea that the page had a video. Video SEO for WordPress is a great way to get your SERP listing to stand out from the rest and get those extra clicks! This plugin is not free, but it is well worth the $69 investment, in my opinion. They also make a Local SEO Plugin that I recommend at the same cost.

Simple Pagination

If you have a blog website with a lot of pages, you may want to look into a pagination plugin. Pagination is a crucial part in SEO and search engine accessibility by helping search engines spider your website easier.

Pagination Plugin Example

A lot of the WordPress themes will utilize a “next” or “older posts” link rather than pagination, so that is why the Simple Pagination plugin works for many website owners.  You will have to be comfortable in editing some of the theme files, but it pretty simple to use.

W3 Total Cache

SearchMetrics has recently determined the number one ranking factor in 2014 is site speed. If your WordPress website is running pretty slow, then you probably need to install W3 Total Cache to your website.  After installing this plugin, make sure you read the installation instructions to best optimize your plugin for your website.

Note: Some hosting providers already have similar caching program on their servers, so this plugin may conflict with that program. Contact your host provider to see if there will be any conflicts with this plugin.

Those are just a few of my favorite plugins to help your website’s SEO value. On our podcast, Edge of the Web Radio, we had a recent episode discussing everything there is to know about WordPress. Towards the end of the show we highlighted some of our favorite plugins, so check out that podcast discussion for some more plugins!

There are tons of other plugins out there, and I love learning about new ones! So if I left any off my list, or you have a new plugin you’d like for me to check out, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


All screenshots were taken June 2014

Thomas Brodbeck

Thomas Brodbeck

SEO Consultant at Site Strategics
Tom Brodbeck is an SEO Consultant for Site Strategics. He has passion to help provide clients with strategic and successful web solutions for their internet marketing campaigns. He is also a regular contributor to Edge of the Web Radio.
Thomas Brodbeck
Thomas Brodbeck

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  • http://www.artikellinkbuilding.nl Steffen

    Seo by Yoast is something you really need to rank well, it is so good now 10% of the biggest 500000 websites in the world use it.

    • http://twitter.com/tbrodbeck Thomas Brodbeck (@tbrodbeck)

      Wow! That’s great information! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://planbabytips.com/ Aaron

      I agree. I like Seo by Yoast a lot, but I need to be careful not to over optimize also

  • http://akosiemersonsy.wordpress.com Emerson Sy

    SEO by Yoast is one of the best thing that happen on wordpress. It helps me alot on my onpage optimization and it’s easy to use even those who are not that adept on wordpress can do it.

    • http://twitter.com/tbrodbeck Thomas Brodbeck (@tbrodbeck)

      Emerson, thanks for your comment. It is really easy to use and love all the flexibility it gives developers!

  • http://www.patricealbertus.net/ Patrice Albertus

    4 on 6 already in use for years, check! And I would really add in this list the backWPup plugin as well as Broken Link Check. Very usefull for keeping your mind zen and doing everyday maintenance for good seo.

    • Thomas Brodbeck

      Thanks Patrice! I haven’t used backWPup plugin before, our host provides daily backups, so the need hasn’t come yet. I will definitely keep in mind though!

      I love Broken Link Check too! Probably should have included that too!

  • http://mediafreshpress.com Chris M Cloutier

    I’m a little confused here. I’m new to Yoast’s plugin, (been using AIO) but isn’t there a redirect feature in Yoast?

  • http://www.sydneyairportshuttle.com.au/ Peter

    I myself use WordPress SEO by Yoast and wow it is the greatest plugin. I also look forward to using Simple Share Buttons Adder, it looks like a really good plugin for sharing your content.

  • Virdhara International

    Thanks a ton for such great article on wordpress seo. I am already using most of them on my website. will implement more

  • http://www.genesisthemes.co.uk/ Keith Davis

    I only use Yoast SEO on one of my sites and I get fabulous results for that site.
    I’m never sure if it is Yoast’s plugin that gives me great ranking and visitor stats or not – either way it’s a great plugin.

    I always add a couple of security plugins to my list of must have plugins, buit since this is an SEO feature I think that your list just about nails it Thomas.

    I’ll just add that if “W3 Total Cache” scares you give “Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromise)” a try. Super easy to setup.

    • http://www.propertysales.sg Gina Lim

      I’ve used Yoast plugin and I think it’s great for seo. Other than this, I downloaded the jetpack stats to monitor who visit my website.


  • http://findlovesongs.com/ Grace

    I like W3 Total Cache, it can really increase the website speed a lot! However, some WP theme is not working very well with the plugin, so I have to use other catching plugin.

  • http://quotesaboutmarriage.com/ Janet Williams

    Very informative post! I was looking for some pagination plugin , this post solve my problem. I am going to give Simple Pagination a try.

  • https://www.google.com/+AzizQaisar Aziz Q Shaikh

    Simple Pagination was a good one as I tried few but eh result was not so astonishing, Sorry I won’t name the plugin name here… Simple Pagination plugin solved my issue.