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54% of Users Have Bought a Product Right After Seeing it on Instagram

54% of Users Have Bought a Product Right After Seeing it on Instagram

A Facebook-commissioned study of 21,000 regular Instagram users reveals how they interact with brands and the impact it has on sales.

A two-part study across 13 countries found that 66% of people use Instagram because they can engage directly with brands.

That interaction is driving sales, the study finds, as 54% of survey respondents say they’ve made a purchase right after after seeing a product on Instagram

Further, 87% of survey respondents said they took some kind of action after seeing product information on Instagram.

So perhaps they didn’t buy a product right away, but they plan to eventually.

“Research shows that people use Instagram throughout every step of the shopping journey, and each of these moments offer an opportunity for you to move people through the funnel.”

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Most people say the content from the brands they follow is so good that they would keep following for the content alone.

In total, 53% of those surveyed say they would follow a brand just for the content.

What kind of content do users like?

A majority of Instagram users say they prefer authentic content compared to something that’s beautifully produced

“so don’t overthink your creative or aim for perfection, just be sure your content will capture and keep your audience’s attention.”

When it comes to paid content, the company recommends using ads that are similar to other types of content people enjoy.

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Take stories ads, for example. They’re short, relatable, and custom-made for Instagram. Always try to maintain a balance between being professional and authentic.


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