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500 Google Domain Names Registered in Last Month

500 Google Domain Names Registered in Last Month

On May 3rd ResourceShelf’s GaryPrice posted a list of domain names that were registered in April and included the word Google.

Many of our readers found the list interesting and Gary is at it again with a new list. According to ResourceShelf more than 500 Google-based domain names have been registered so far this month.

Although Gary wasn’t able to review each and every one by trackign down the domain registrant on WhoIS, he was able to highlighted a few that show Google Inc. as the owner and one recently registered Yahoo Inc. domain.

Google Inc. registered:

+ (they have also registered
+ (this site is not registered to the company but mirrors the Google Blog)

Yahoo registered:

+ (5/19/04)

A list of other Google Domain names registered this month:

May 25

May 23

May 21

For the full list, see ResourceShelf’s Recent Domain Name Registrations That Include the Word “Google” (May 2004).

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