50+ Ways to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Site [Infographic]

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I’m really enjoying the current period of evolution that organic search and SEO are going through. There have been a lot of changes, but the good news is with each algorithmic update it’s getting easier and easier for people with genuinely good sites to get high organic rankings. This means they are able to attract quite a few visitors through organic search.

You, as an SEO, should be shifting your focus from keyword targeting, page-specific link building etc. to authority building. You probably have already noticed it while searching for things in Google. For example, if Search Engine Journal publishes a new post, that post need a ton of links to rank in the first page of Google as soon as it’s live. I noticed this change after my last post was published here. As soon as it was live, not only was it on the SERPs because it was in Google News, but it also maintained a ranking between 3rd & 4th on Google.com for “Google Authorship”, which is one part of Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is actually an important signal with strong correlation to high organic search rankings. Having a higher Domain Authority than your competitors means that your site is more likely to rank higher in search engines. So, it just makes sense that if you want to give your site’s overall SEO a nice boost, you need to increase the Domain Authority. Now, this isn’t a score that you can increase by working hard. It means, and require,s you to do much more than just create a site, write great content, and sleep.

To help you with the entire process, I’ve crafted an infographic that includes various mediums and ways to improve your site’s Domain Authority.

You should understand that due to it being a relative metric, it tends to fluctuate often. But, if you are consistent with your all round marketing efforts, and not just the SEO side of things, you can consistently increase your site’s Domain Authority.

The infographic below contains a huge number of points,  under 5 main categories:

  1. Site Dependent / On-Site
  2. Content
  3. Social Media
  4. Branding
  5. Relationships

You can check out the infographic below. You can then read the original post on my blog after you’ve gone through the infographic. The TechTage blog post on increasing Domain Authority includes detailed explanations of the points along with tons of other actionable tips.


This infographic doesn’t advise people to do irrelevant things like posting content frequently to improve Domain Authority.

What it does instead is to take a correlation-based approach to suggest what you should be doing if your goal is to increase the overall authority of your site in the eyes of search engines, to get a natural boost on SERPs – regardless of targeting specific keywords, or using any specific SEO tactics that yield short-term results.

Hope you like the infographic. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below!

Rohit Palit
Rohit Palit is a 17 years old Inbound Marketing Consultant, and a technical SEO fanatic based out of Kolkata, India. He manages his SEO &... Read Full Bio
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  • David Black

    I think your graphic shows something we should all know – build a site with good, informative content that people actually want to engage with and they will visit.
    Luckily, for all its little quirks, Google is quite good at showing people useful pages in their results.
    This isn’t always what affiliate marketers or SEO professionals like to see but its the way its going.

    • Rohit Palit

      Yeah, I agree with you. Still there are probably millions of SERPs that could do with a better class of results. πŸ™‚ Their job is never ending.

  • Jeric

    Thank you for posting interactive infographic Rohit, I really learned a lot! By the way, I just have to ask this, why we have competitors that has lower Domain Authority but get higher rankings than us?

    • Rohit Palit

      Hey Jeric, that’s basic Domain Authority (the Moz metric you are referring to) doesn’t determine search rankings alone. There are hundreds of other small and big factors involved. πŸ™‚

    • Gowtham

      First of all Domain Authority is not a metric put out there by Google. So DA is irrelevant from Google’s perspective. If your competitors are ranking well and their DA is too low, chances are your niche is too small.

      For instance, I searched for “air conditioning Anaheim”, and the #1 result in the SERP is anaheimhtgclg[dot]com

      I checked the domain authority of this site, and it was 15, which is pretty bad when compared some of the top websites on the internet. However, the site still still serves its purpose.

      So unless you are not having a website that have to pull in a millions of hits and compete in a broader niche, you don’t really have to worry about DA. But, when you are doing Guest blogging to build backlinks to your site, you should probably check the DA of the site and any site with a DA below 20 is not worth getting a backlink (just my opinion).

  • Hina

    I have searched this topic to Learn about Ways to Increase the Domain Authority to get a perfect idea and Here I have got it.Thanks for the tips! Very useful post.i think the most important is TIME!!!(domain age).DA contents lots of factor you will have to continuously update your content with relevant data, build high quality backlinks from multiple referring domains and add up webpages of high quality information.If your website has decent amount of traffic and if it is crawled regularly by Google, your domain authority might increase in coming months.

    • Rohit Palit

      Yeah, you’re spot on, Hina. πŸ™‚

  • Trevor Schain

    Great info+graphic! Something I believe a lot of people overlook when building their links or domain/page rank, etc is building their brand. As more and more people know who you are, it becomes drastically easier to gain links and have people reference you and your site. Make sure to keep that in mind when implementing all these other great recommendations. Nice work!

    • Rohit Palit

      Branding is definitely part of a sustainable online business model these days. πŸ™‚

  • Neha

    now adays content are very important and infographic is new and awesum technique…thanks Rohit patil..your article is really knowledgable and brilliantly written..learn alot as am doing the same …excellent..!!

    • Rohit Palit

      Thanks a ton, Neha. πŸ™‚

  • George

    What about page authority guys? Is it different from domain authority?

  • Rohit Palit

    “For example, if Search Engine Journal publishes a new post, that post need a ton of links…” – one small typo. I actually meant “doesn’t need a ton of links”. πŸ™‚

    Thanks everyone for reading.

  • Alex

    A good infographic – actually useful, a lot of them aren’t these days! Keywords is an important point at the moment – you really can’t just throw them around with wild abandon. They need to be pretty specific with only minor variations.

    Some of the social media ideas are good, but guaranteed to really do anything. I link to my social media accounts from guest posts and no one has ever contacted me (the horror). Still, it’s always worth giving it a go.

  • Zulhilmi Zainudin

    Too many texts in the infographic… But, good and informative.

    • Rohit Palit

      Glad you found it useful, Zulhilmi. Let me know if you are stuck at something. πŸ™‚

  • Mike Arnill

    Yes i agree with your information.

  • Hely Mark

    Interesting one !! It is also helpful for all bloggers who lost PR’s in previous update.

  • Dan Carter

    Great info graphic thanks.

  • Keri Morgret

    There’s more information on Moz’s Domain Authority score at http://moz.com/learn/seo/domain-authority. In short, it’s calculated with a lot of link metrics, “The best way to influence this metric is to improve your overall SEO. In particular, you should focus on your link profile—which influences MozRank and MozTrust—by getting more links from other well-linked-to pages. ”

    This post really doesn’t make clear if the author is discussing the Moz metric, or if it’s talking about the authority of the domain in a general sense.

    • Rohit Palit

      I talked about latter mostly. In my original post, I did clarify that I wasn’t always referring to the Moz metric.

  • Boardwalk

    But how do we tell if a particular site is a domain with authority?

  • John M. Ramsay

    We must also rememberr there are no shortcuts. Real links, Real Content, Etc.

  • Media Designs

    My page rank is suddenly drop, due to Google update. Can you suggest me what we do to retain my position

  • Kip

    Nice info, thanks! So does a link on a low PR website pass a lot of juice when it is on a domain with a high DA?

  • Subba Reddy

    Iam very much impressesd about the content and the narration of the author .After going to conclude the author is just 16 years old its amazing and amazing talent

    Thanks sej for giving good education about SEO

  • طراحی سایΨͺ

    Nice info.
    my page Authority (PA) is low and i get quality back link but not increase!!

  • Communicatietraining

    Great article! There is only one thing that puzzles me, the part about relationships. Because: when I relate my website with one of my colleagues/competitors and I already have a higher DA and PA, I would think this helps his site to increase DA or PA rather than my site. Or am I too suspicious? πŸ˜‰

  • Hari Charan

    Wonderful information, Page rank updates are now rarer and webmasters have to depend on DA for judging sites, Its important to increase our site’s DA to rank well, Thanks for sharing.

  • Brad Caldwell

    Interesting article. A few questions – are PDF articles readable by Google, or is all the content on them “wasted”? What is the max DA – 100? What’s a good normal DA for a site?

  • James Collins

    Great article with relevant up to date information, I do agree the infograph had a lot of text but apart from that a very good read. Thank you.

  • kosmimata

    very nice tips

  • Tasha Roachford

    Nice view on building DA and a very informative Infographic too. It is also very important to know since guest blogging is no longer a major SEO tactic.

  • Vesa Ivanovic

    Than you for tips…your 100% right…if you pay atencion on this steps you will rise your SEO very fast….