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5 Ways to Find Affiliate Program Reviews

With such a plenty of Internet (search) tools we can use today it is no more a problem to find what people say about anything. However the easier it becomes to search through tons of data, the smarter marketers get at faking it.

Therefore it is really useful to know some tricks and tools to find reviews online to be able to compare them and identify the real ones.

Last week I came across a cool post on how to find valid affiliate program reviews (which also went hot on Sphinn).

…investigating other people’s experience with the affiliate program is essential for many reasons:

  • Check if the program is reliable (do they pay in time or pay at all? have they ever been caught on cheating? etc)
  • Find out what people say about the affiliate customer service (never rely on the program if they treat affiliates poorly and don’t help efficiently)

The post discusses using the following search tools:

  • Google search;
  • Twitter (sentiment) search;
  • Forum search (with Omgili and Google);
  • Q&A sites (via Social median);
  • Third-party review services.

And which tools do you use to research an affiliate program before trying it?

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5 Ways to Find Affiliate Program Reviews

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