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5 Things SEO Clients Shouldn’t Worry About

You want your SEO campaign to be a success, but you shouldn't have to be up at night worrying about these five things, including what Matt Cutts says.

5 Things SEO Clients Shouldn't Have To Worry About

When you hire an SEO to optimize your website, there is understandably an element of concern for the success of the optimization campaign. SEO isn’t IT, it is active marketing of the website. As such, you need to be intimately involved in the campaign from start to finish. You can never just let the SEO loose and then hope for the best.

At the same time, you can’t expect your SEO to do their job if you are constantly contacting them with yet another “concern”.

Yes, you want your optimization campaign to be a success, but some details are better left to the professionals! As much as some business owners are determined to stress about the success of their optimization campaign, there are several things SEO clients should never worry about.

Push these concerns off your worry plate:

Don’t Worry About Getting #1 Rankings

The SEO’s job is to help your business’ online presence grow. Part of that is getting you top search engine rankings, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. [pullquote]There are many areas of a successful online marketing campaign that have little to do with which keyword is ranked where.[/pullquote] That’s not to say the SEO can neglect rankings altogether, but that is just one tool in the total arsenal that brings success. Rankings alone don’t cut it.

If you’re wondering when you’ll be #1, forget about it! It’s never going to happen. OK, never is a strong word, it certainly can happen and it’s great when it does, but it should not be expected.

Sometimes a powerful #3 ranking can mean more conversions than a #1 spot. Other times, there are sites that simply are just too powerful for you to beat without significantly increasing your time, energy, and finances. That money is probably better spent bringing other keywords to the first page. Having 100 keywords in the top ten is likely far more valuable than a single #1 ranking!

5 Things SEO Clients Shouldn't Have To Worry About

Don’t Worry About Everything Matt Cutts Says

Do you watch Matt Cutts’ videos where he answers questions about Google’s algorithm? We do. And we also know that not everything Matt says is 100% pure truth. Sometimes it is propaganda, sometimes certain pieces of information are left out, and sometimes he chooses his words carefully in order to give the wrong impression.

You can’t blame him, he works for Google. His job is to protect Google’s algorithm, and if he can do that by steering people away from strategies that shouldn’t—but do—work, he’ll do that. If he says that X is the best strategy, he may be right in a perfect world, but we all know that X doesn’t produce the same effects as Y.

[pullquote]Cutts definitely does provide a valuable resource, but take what he says with a grain of salt and don’t bug your SEO about everything he says. Trust your SEO to sort it out.[/pullquote]

Don’t Worry About Interacting on Every Social Platform

There are thousands of social networks. A few are far more valuable than most and some come while others go. Do you have to interact on every platform for your social efforts to succeed? Not even close. In fact, there may be only one or two platforms that hold any value for you.

Work with your SEO to determine which social platforms are best for your business, but don’t expect them to jump on every new bandwagon, especially one that is unproven and doesn’t immediately show a clear value. Let other people spend their time building these networks, develop a strategy, and only as you have time and budget get involved.

Don’t Worry About Panda/Penguin Updates

You should never have to be concerned about the next Panda or Penguin (or whatever they want to call the next major algorithm change) update. Your SEOs should be far enough ahead of Google to be Panda and Penguin proof before those updates were ever spoken of.

Remember what I said about Matt Cutts? Well, if SEOs are paying attention they’ll know what Google is working toward, even if it isn’t fully true at the time Cutts says it is. That means your SEO’s strategies should be the kind that are developed for algorithm changes that haven’t happened yet. They need to be looking years down the road to determine how to ensure your site weathers any storm that Google can throw at us.

If you have been negatively impacted by these updates, it might be time to find a new SEO, one that can stay ahead and not charge you to fix what they broke.

Don’t Worry About Emails From Other “SEOs” Claiming Your Site Isn’t Optimized

Guess what? Your site will never be perfectly optimized. There are always keywords to optimize, architecture to fix, links to get, blog posts to write and to socialize. Someone will always be able to find fault with the optimization of your site.

But almost all of those “SEOs” who send emails telling you they could not find your site on Google because it’s not optimized have never even looked at your site. If they had, then I would not be getting them too! Why would an SEO company tell another SEO company they can SEO their site for them? They wouldn’t.

[pullquote]Those emails are nothing more than spam being sent to anyone and everyone they can find. Which begs the question, if they can’t find you because your optimization is so bad, how did they find you to send that email?[/pullquote]

If you find yourself worrying that your SEO isn’t doing what he or she needs to do, you might be right…because they are spending too much time trying to keep you from interfering with questions and concerns.

If you did your due diligence before hiring your SEO, then at the very least trust yourself. Your SEO has it covered. And you have five less things to worry about!


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5 Things SEO Clients Shouldn’t Worry About

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