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5 Takeaways From #PeepCon 2015

Check out takeaways from PeepCon 2015, held on March 28th at The Heritage Hotel Manila!

Five Takeaways From PeepCon 2015 | Search Engine Journal

Last March 28th, GDI hosted PeepCon, a search marketing event held at The Heritage Hotel Manila. This non-profit conference aimed to teach actionable SEO and digital marketing lessons to all interested. Moreover, the event was held to help raise funds for a brother in need.

Without further ado, here are our takeaways from PeepCon 2015:

Treat Your Writers Well

During the event Glen Dimaandal said, “Good content can save your website, treat your writers well.”

As Google algorithm updates continue to roll out, more websites are at risk of languishing in lower search rankings. The best way to prevent this is to provide quality content that is truly useful to your audience. Which means, you need great writers.

Getting second rate writers is simple – pulling in top writers requires you to go the extra mile. Look for ways to promote their work on social and consider gifting conference passes or other merchandise to them. Above all, remember you rely on them to be successful online.

The digital marketing industry now gives more weight to content development than ever before. Hence, it is imperative to treat your writers well in order to have consistent access to high quality content.

It’s OK to Sell Yourself

We use the power of internet to promote our brand all the time. But what about the people behind it? Janette Toral said you should “Sell yourself. Let people know that your services exist.”

It sounds so simple, but it is easy to forget that online marketing is not just for enterprises. It’s for people who want show their audience they exist-that there is indeed a face behind the brand. Consider digital marketing as two parallel lines: the first is where you build awareness for your products and services, while the other is where you create publicity for yourself. At the end of the line is your final goal – to generate revenue.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Social media is a popular way to generate inbound traffic to your content, so it is no suprise that businesses-especially new ones-tend to build accounts on every social networks known to man. But, creating profiles on various social media channels isn’t always effective.

According to Jennifer Silverman, the best method is to build a following to your basic products or services on one channel before moving to another.

Five Takeaways From PeepCon 2015 | Search Engine JournalThe SEO community at PeepCon

Hiring Good People is Not Enough

Whether you own a company or work as a freelancer, hiring people who are good at what they do is not enough. Instead, Ben Francia advises you to hire people who can help increase the value of your organization.

Why? Because these are the people who will push you and your company to try new things, grow in new directions, and increase your revenue.

Having a Timeline is Important

Whether you are working on a digital marketing strategy or want to finish a degree, goals are important. However, a goal-oriented action is not enough. As Sheila Dela Peña puts it, “A goal without a timeline is just a dream.”

That doesn’t mean we all need to live with a deadline, but make sure your goal doesn’t remain just that – a goal. Developing a timeline motivates us to turn our dreams into reality. Then, and only then, can we say we have achieved something.

Were you at PeepCon too? We’d love to hear your own takeaways at the comment section below!


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5 Takeaways From #PeepCon 2015

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