5+ SEO Text Analyzers for SEO Diagnostics & Copywriting

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5+ SEO Text Analyzers for SEO Diagnostics & Copywriting

Both with on-page SEO diagnostics and SEO copywriting, we often need to perform various types of text analysis. Here is the collection of tools that should come in handy:

1. Keyword usage analyzers give quick overview of keyword prominence, i.e. page meta description, title, H-headings, image alt text, links anchor text and bold text:

  • Ranks Keyword Density and Prominence Tool;
  • SEOworkers SEO Analysis Tool;
  • RankQuest Keyword Density Analyzer.

keyword usage analysis

2. Semantic and lexical text analyzer – offers an exhaustive lexical complexity and variety overview by looking into:

  • different words count;
  • characters count;
  • complexity factor (lexical density);
  • readability;
  • syllables-per-word count;
  • sentence count;
  • average sentence length;
  • max. sentence length;
  • most frequent words analysis (~ keyword density).

text analysis

Another web-based tool to evaluate the text complexity is Readability index calculator which “indicates comprehension difficulty when reading” based on Flesch-Kincaid readability test.

3. Text to HTML ratio analyzers compare the page HTML code and text size:

4. Word count calculatorFireFox extension – counts words and characters of any highlighted text fragment.

word count

5. Page outline creators give a short summary of a page content based on H-headings usage.

Fangs FireFox extension also creates a page outline based on H1-H6 headings and link anchor text:


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